Aphex A Pre 500

Aphex A Pre 500


500 Series microphone preamplifier with 75hz high-pass filter and 26db pad.

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Aphex A Pre 500

Aphex A PRE 500 Single-Channel Microphone Preamp

Aphex 500-series A Pre 500 is a high-gain mic and instrument preamp brimming with character and clarity

The A PRE 500 mic pre is inspired by the popular Aphex 188, eight-channel preamp found in high-end mobile rigs use the world over to record programs such as The Grammys, The Daily Show with Jon Stuart, The Colbert Report, and Late Night Night with Jimmy Fallon. Key to the sound of the Aphex A PRE 500, apart from its illustrious ancestor, are its input and output transformers. The A PRE 500 uses an Aphex-designed, custom input transformer built by CineMag, and a Jensen JT-11DL nickel output-balancing transformer. Of all Aphex’ 500-series preamps, the A PRE 500 has the most vintage-sounding tone and character, yet still remains clear and clean with a bright high end. The Aphex A PRE 500 is a great all-purpose preamp that excels on drums, percussion, Hammond B3, and acoustic guitar.

Aphex A PRE 500 unique features:

  • 3-way output level switch
  • 20-segment LED meter
  • Illuminated buttons for easy visibility in dark environments
  • Custom Cinemag input transformer
  • Balanced output via Jensen transformer

Aphex A PRE 500 key features:

  • 65dB clean gain for ribbon-friendly operation
  • 26dB pad
  • Phase reverse
  • 75Hz high-pass filter
  • Phantom power
  • Front-panel 10M ohm, ¼” input

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