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Once You Hear It You Always Want It.

Bring Your Music, Games and Movies To Life.

Much more than a simple marketing statement. Aphex’s powerful audio enhancement technology instantly makes all your music, games and movies come to life. You will hear the detail, richness and the passion of the performance in a way that no other technology or EQ can provide. Given the universal interest and investment in music and entertainment by our world’s population, the opportunity to impact this interest and excite the vast consumer world is easily realized with Aphex’s licensable technologies. The power of Aphex enhancement also creates a cycle of opportunity as consumers realize just how good their entertainment experiences can sound – and want Aphex in all their audio, entertainment and communications gear. The Aphex button is the most powerful sales tool as users do the demo for themselves and their friends, turning the circuit on and off, and ultimately realizing they want Aphex on all the time.

Speech Intelligibility Is Critical To So Many Audio Applications.

Aphex’s patented and proven Aural Exciter has been used by top recording engineers and broadcasters for years to improve speech intelligibility in communications and entertainment. This legendary technology not only provides critical performance benefits, it also has the power of professional endorsement to help sell it to the mass market and consumers in all categories of the product and appliance business where sound, communications and safety are present.

The Ear Is An Amazing Audio Lab.

The human ear actually boosts frequencies between 1kHz and 4kHz. These specific frequencies correspond to the part of speech that is linked to understanding so that we are more able to communicate with each other. Speech communications is an extremely important aspect of human behavior. Speech Intelligibility is dependent upon consonant recognition.

How Aphex Does It.

Consonants have percussive leading edges. The Aphex Aural Exciter accentuates the percussive edges on consonants with our patented and proven harmonics generation process, thereby increasing the clarity of these consonants. The Aural Exciter improves intelligibility by stimulating more cues, which ultimately makes speech more intelligible.

Better Than EQ.

The human auditory system responds positively to Aphex harmonics enhancement – better than to an equalizer – because the consonants’ edges are only slightly enhanced at these frequencies (harmonically) unlike a broad brush equalization treatment that can actually degrade factors in speech intelligibility. Aphex technology is the only one of its kind that has been scientifically tested and proven to improve clarity of speech and increase understanding.

Clearly, speech intelligibility is critical for phone users, intercoms, communications devices, safety systems, televisions, radios, computers sound systems and anywhere that the spoken word is important. And with Aphex’s custom-tuning engineering services, performance can be optimized to the specific application to produce the best performance possible with the hardware or transmission system involved.

Aphex technologies also provide the opportunity for manufacturers to reduce amp power and overall product costs as performance can be dramatically improved with lower power. And because Aphex technologies work on the signal source and not the hardware, any product can be improved, regardless of quality and performance of the original product.

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