The Sweetest audio products Australia wide


Audio Chocolate.
Sales and Distribution of the finest Music and Pro Audio tools.

Founded in Australia in 1999 , it is the sole directive that Audio Chocolate offer the highest level of Pro Audio hardware and software products and services, to offer a real world working solution to its professional audio cliental.

We are consistently at the forefront of seeking the greatest audio products and brands that share our passion for meticulous quality and innovation. 

With a team that represents decades of experience in all levels of training, sales, support, pre and post sale advice and industry experience in using the products and brands we so proudly represent, your inquiry or solution is only an email, telephone, live chat or skype call away.

Our service partner’s have a wealth of industry years experience in diagnosing and servicing products, and we offer an on line 24/7 service system where you can log your requirements for all warranty and non warranty services.

Our selected dealer network nationwide understand the products and brands to assist you in making the right choice.

Please Note:

As items may be out of stock at the time of your order, please check prior to placing your order for estimated delivery times.
We would love to supply your order however due to world wide supply constraints, delays in-stock availability from suppliers and manufacturers are sometime unavoidable.

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