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Warm Audio’s goal is to put high-end gear in the hands of the world’s greatest artists. We believe that talent deserves to be properly expressed. Many excellent musicians are never heard in the right light due to budget restrictions. We hope to change this by bringing fully professional designs to budget and professional studios. Our biggest suggestion is to not let our price tags fool you. All of our products are fully professional, with completely discrete signal paths and feature custom USA made CineMag transformers that are found in only the best designs in pro audio.

Serious Gear. Seriously Affordable.

Warm Audio’s current business model is one that eliminates mass advertising and can only rely on the strength of our products and how our users’ positive experiences will flood the forums and industry conversation at a real grassroots level. We also don’t have any employees. By “we”, I mean “I”. Warm Audio is currently one person. This too is a benefit that allows my low overhead to pass the savings on to you. Since the 1950s large studios like Sun and The Hit Factory with Motown, have had in-house engineers modifying previous gear and creating new tools from scratch with which hits were created. These people were either perfectly happy working in-house while others would later become a part of a team of a larger gear manufacturing brand. In my case, I decided to skip the later and become the manufacturer myself. While this is not a new practice with underground in-the-know companies, I’m shooting to take Warm Audio to the next level while maintaining the small brand care.

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