Eventide Plug Ins


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Eventide Plug Ins

Our award-winning studio processors, effects pedals, and plugins have inspired musicians and audio professionals worldwide.

H9 Series Bundle, Ultra Essentials Bundle, Clockworks Bundle, H3000 Factory™, Blackhole™, SplitEQ, UltraChannel™, Tverb, H910/H910 Dual, H910/H910 Dual, SP2016 Reverb, Octavox, H3000 Band Delays, Precision Time Align/Delay, Physion, Omnipressor, Instant Flanger mkII, Instant Phaser mkII, Quadravox, UltraTap, CrushStation, Rotary Mod, Spring, Crystals, TriceraChorus, H949, MicroPitch, ShimmerVerb, MangledVerb, UltraReverb

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