Crumar Mojo Desktop Organ


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Crumar Mojo Desktop Organ

Desktop Clonewheel Organ with Vintage Tonewheel Organ Models, 9 Drawbars, Vibrato and Chorus, Rotary Speaker Emulation, MIDI and USB, Balanced Stereo Outs, Headphone Jack, and Wooden End Panels

It’s the Mojo Desktop!

Imagine a classic tonewheel organ you can toss in your backpack. The Crumar Mojo Desktop is exactly that! The Mojo Desktop has the same robust sound engine and DSP platform as its big sibling, the dual-manual Mojo Classic. It is, in fact, the hardware counterpart of the GSi VB3-II virtual instrument, powered by the same sound engine and boasting the same parameter set. The Mojo Desktop can even exchange program banks with the GSi VB3-II thanks to its import/export functionality and USB ports. With its solid wood end panels and large illuminated buttons, the Mojo Desktop rocks the same elegant traditional visuals as the Classic, and its intuitive control set will be comfortably familiar to experienced tonewheel organists.

Pocket Rocket

The Crumar Mojo Desktop is the first Mojo to be released in a desktop format, which offers many advantages. First, and most obviously, it’s small — small enough to fit in your run bag and accompany you wherever you go. Sure, you can simply play a virtual tonewheel (like the GSi VB3-II) on your laptop, but for serious tonewheel mavens, the Mojo Desktop provides a real-deal tonewheel experience, complete with nine physical drawbars that are assignable to each of three available manuals. You can control the Mojo Desktop with any MIDI controller keyboard or computer sequencing software. Otherwise, it’s completely self-contained. And courtesy of its large, touch-sensitive display, all Mojo Desktop editing parameters are literally at your fingertips.

Mojo evolution

When it comes to digital clonewheel organs, Crumar of Italy (a country famous for excellence in electronic organs since the swinging ’60s) may control the high ground; but they’re not resting on their laurels. Since the first Mojo in 2012, the Mojo line has accumulated a loyal following among serious professional organists, and Crumar has been listening to their feature requests and incorporating these upgrades into each iteration of this modern classic. The Mojo Classic and Desktop inherit all these refinements, along with a new state-of-the-art DSP engine hosting the next-generation GSi VB3-II tonewheel emulation. All of which makes the Mojo Desktop a force to be reckoned with, both onstage and in the studio.

Realistic tonewheel organs with powerful shaping controls

It’s hard to beat a classic tonewheel organ for jazz, blues, and classic rock. And perhaps even tougher to re-create one through samples. That’s why Crumar turned to tone modeling to capture these sought-after vintage sounds in its Mojo Classic and Mojo Desktop clonewheels. The onboard tone generators re-create the characteristics of actual vintage organs, and even let you create your own for a totally unique sound. Nine physical drawbars will have you customizing your tone in seconds. Then add in spring/digital reverb, chorus, or vibrato for depth; or dial in overdrive to give your parts additional girth, presence, and grit.

Crumar Mojo Desktop Organ Features:

  • Color Touch 3.2-inch display
  • 9 physical drawbars assignable to each of the 3 manuals
  • Large Illuminated buttons for percussion, Chorus/Vibrato and Rotary Speaker control
  • Large encoder knob for Chorus/Vibrato type selection
  • 6 potentiometers for immediate parameter adjustments
  • Inputs for Swell Pedal and Foot Switch
  • 2 MIDI inputs; 2 USB device inputs
  • Class-compliant USB-MIDI host port
  • Balanced stereo outputs
  • Headphone output
  • Designed and crafted in Italy

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