Crane Song HEDD Quantum

Cranesong HEDD Quantum


A/D and D/A converter featuring six word clock outputs for master clock functionality, Toslink I/O, and DSP emulation of Triode and Pentode tubes

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Crane Song HEDD Quantum

The Crane Song HEDD Quantum applies sub-picosecond jitter clocking to the A/D and D/A converters to provide the purest sound possible, wide three dimensional image of your recordings, and highly detailed transient response. HEDD Quantum features the same sub-picosecond jitter clocking found in the Avocet IIA DAC. For those who use Toslink connectivity, optical in and outs have been added for a more flexible setup.

The HEDD Quantum can be used as a master clock at the same time as applying A/D D/A conversion through its six word clock outputs, which can also run at multiple sample rates. Three styles of DSP emulation are still utilized; Triode, Pentode and Tape Emulation.

Choose between two different operations modes, DIGI and ANA. In DIGI mode, the HEDD will accept the digital in from one of the three sources then send the output of all three digital inputs and analog connections simultaneously. ANA is an analog mode, which takes the input in as pure analog, then outputs all three digital and analog outputs at the same time.

Select between 16 or 20 bit fully analog dithering, the A/D D/A and ASRC chips are made with the highest quality AKM 32-bit components, all processed with proprietary analog filtering and clocking for an uncompromising final product.

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