MYTEK Stereo96 DAC

Mytek Stereo 96DAC

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24 bit, 96 kHz DAC

By popular demand we are introducing the little brother and sister of acclaimed 8X96 Series converters. This small (1/3 rack space, 5.5″ wide, 1U high) units contain exactly the same conversion circuits as larger 8X96 units, in stereo configuration. Additionally they are equipped with few extra handy features.

Stereo96 DAC features:

* Jitter free operation with SuperLock ™ technology. In SuperLock ™ mode ultra stable 10ps internal clock allows for D/A conversion of incoming signals of any sample rate with 192K sampling bandwidth. This method provides 100% immunity to source jitter and relaxed filtering with 100kHz bandwidth.

* Same converter chip and specs as 8X96 DAC

* Transparent high performance ClassA headphone amp

* Volume control assignable to headphones and analog outputs (for plugging your digital monitoring directly into power amp for ultimate sound transparency)

* External or internal sync.

* Stereo level meter with true over detection

* Built in 110/220V power supply

Both DAC and ADC units are pictured. Units sold separately.

Weight 9.9999 kg

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