Studio Projects is a line of microphones and electronics started in 1999 by Alan Hyatt of PMI Audio Group. Our line of award winning microphones, preamps and signal processing equipment is a result of a partnership between PMI Audio and Beijing 797 Audio Co. LTD. a manufacturer of condenser microphones and professional audio products since 1952.

Within the line, there is a broad and evolving range of tools designed to provide the engineer and recordist with a level of sonic quality and durability. Studio Projects continues to prove that innovative designs and years of experience produce quality products that fit well in all professional and home applications

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  • The Studio Projects VTB1-RK Rack Kit for holds up to (2) VTB1 variable tube microphone pre-amplifiers in a single rack space. Organize multiple units in one convenient rack shelf to better manage your workspace.
  • Studio-Projects-VTB1-Variable-Tube-Pre-Amp-rear-view Studio-Projects-VTB1-Variable-Tube-Pre-Amp-front-view
    The new Studio Projects VTB-1 is the ultimate in low cost mic preamplifier technology. Incorporating true class A/B switching, the VTB-1 is a totally discrete circuit. Unique to the VTB-1 is the "Tube Drive." The Tube Drive is a variable drive to a 12AX7, that allows the user to blend as little, or as much of the Tube Drive they want. This VTB-1 allows the user the most flexibility of any mic preamplifier in it's price class.
  • Studio-Projects-SPm5-500-Series-Mic-Pre-side-view Studio-Projects-SPm5-500-Series-Mic-Pre-front
    Sweet preamp for instruments or vocals.

    Designed by the creator of Tonelux, the Studio Projects SPM5 is a unique high quality microphone/instrument preamp with an added 'radiance' feature, which provides adjustable high end 2nd harmonic content to your signal without boosting overall output. This is useful for adding clarity and presence to your signal source.

    The input circuitry is discrete, while the output is transformer balanced. The preamp provides a clean, low-noise 60dB of gain. The front panel features a combo jack for plugging in directly and there is an impedance switch, which can be useful when employing certain microphones, such as ribbon, or dynamic type.
  • Studio-Projects-CS5-LD-Multi-Pattern-Microphone-case Studio-Projects-CS5-LD-Multi-Pattern-Microphone
    The Studio Projects CS5 is an externally polarized five pattern pressure gradient transducer microphones with FET impedance converter. The capsule is a 1.06” (27mm) capsule, with a diaphragm thinkness of 6µm. It features five selectable polar patterns, four selectable pads, four high pass filters, and four low pass filters for added control in various recording applications and a clear, full response expected from a large capsule microphone design.
  • Studio-Projects-CS-1000-Bundle-Mic Studio-Projects-CS-1000-Microphone-Pop-Filter-and-Cable-Bundle

    The Studio Projects CS-1000 Microphone Pop Filter and Cable Bundle is an externally polarized cardioid microphone for project or professional studio recording applications. The microphone features four selectable pads, four high pass filters, and four low pass filters for added control in various recording performances. Its pressure-gradient transducer and FET output circuitry is active and is capable of driving long cable runs.

  • The LSD-2 is comprised of two separate dual-membrane solid state microphones contained within a single housing. Its capsules are mounted in close proximity on a vertical axis - the upper capsule assembly having the ability to rotate 270 degrees horizontally, relative to the lower capsule. Two C&K three-way switches control the polar response, high pass filtering and -10dB pad for each capsule (The switches on the front of the body correspond to the lower fixed capsule, while the switches 180° opposite on the back of the mic control the rotating upper capsule). It is the combination of capsule articulation and independent pattern switching which allows a user of the LSD2 to achieve all manner of coincident pair stereophonic recording techniques. Due to the close proximity of the capsules, there is no phase cancellation resulting from time delay between the two signals. This translates into excellent mono compatibility.
  • The C4 is small diaphragm condenser microphone featuring interchangeable capsules, switchable -10dB pad/high pass filter and a linear low-noise, solid state amplifier body. The microphone’s modularity makes it a useful multi-purpose tool intended for all-around use on stage, on location and in studios of all caliber.
  • The Studio Projects T3 vacuum tube mic is based on classic 1950’s era designs, combined with present day technological refinements. It is a versatile microphone with abundant applications in the studio from pianos and strings to guitar cabinets and saxophones. Also a serious vocal mic, the T3 will please even the most discerning ears.
  • The Studio Projects C1 is a large diaphragm, fixed-cardioid condenser microphone employing a 1.06” (27mm) capsule, high quality, low noise amplifier and balanced, transformerless output circuitry. It features switchable -10dB pad and 6dB@150Hz high pass filter for added control in various recording applications and a clear, full response expected from a large capsule microphone design.  
  • The TB1 is a vacuum tube (valve) microphone incorporating the philosophy that the best microphones use high quality, yet minimal components, along with hand selected tubes. Using the finest available materials to build the best possible capsule, the Studio Projects TB1 achieves this philosophy and more. Valve microphones have long been appreciated by studio engineers for their warm yet natural sound. The Studio Projects TB1 provides audiophile sound engineers with the classic vacuum tube design combined with today's better quality components.  
  • The new Studio Projects B3 is the ultimate in large diaphragm condenser microphones at this price anywhere. This microphone has all the technical refinements to be an enduring classic . With features you would expect in a world class microphone, the B3 offer's three recording pattern positions (cardioid, omni and a true figure eight) with pad and Hi-Pass filter.
  • The Studio Projects B1 condenser microphone is a large diaphragm cardioid microphone in a pressure-gradient transducer employing high quality transformerless design and extremely low noise.

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