Source Audio, innovators of the award winning Hot Hand® Motion Controlled Effects and the Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter, are expanding their Utility line of products with the release of their new Dual Expression Pedal. The pedal brings enhanced functionality to any pedal board with its ability to control multiple pedals at once. Its special 1/8 in. sensor out function also enables it to communicate with all of Source Audios pedals including the new micro-sized Soundblox 2.

The innovative functionality of the Dual Expression pedal is complimented by the quality of its build. The cast-aluminum housing provides a sturdy but lightweight base to the pedal and an adjustable range knob enables users to optimize its performance.

The Dual Expression Pedal is also designed to be an optimal match for Source Audio’s Soundblox Pro Series pedals, which use expression signals to dramatically enhance their capabilities by adding functions like morphing, LFO speed control, filter modulation, volume and mix control, and many more.


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