* who we are
Buzz Audio Ltd is a New Zealand based manufacturer of professional analog audio products. The products we produce are primarily aimed for use within the music recording and audio post production industries. In the past we have been involved with the design and installation of sound recording facilities but these days we just concentrate on building nice gear.

* our philosophy
The products you will find within these pages reflect our goal to provide the end user with a unit that not only sounds great, but one that will last for many years. First and foremost we endeavour to make pieces that are original in design and not copies of other products from the past. (This does not mean we do not sometimes take some inspiration from those treasured vintage devices).

Within each of our products you will find clever design, a high standard of workmanship by a dedicated team and excellent future serviceability. All our products are hand assembled using quality non-surface-mount components that, if the need arises, can be easily repaired.

Many of the units here have taken years to develop and fine tune for the specific tasks that face the recording engineer on a daily basis. For example, the MA2.2 Class A mic preamp has gathered an enviable reputation as one of the finest mic preamps for recording acoustic guitar.

Along with the high quality of our products comes our dedication to customer service. We enjoy and welcome feedback from our users and will always respond promptly to any problem that may arise – even if the factory warranty has expired – you will not find a closed door at our email address.

* a brief history
Buzz Audio was formed in 1985 by Tim Farrant, the company was initially set up to provide technical services to New Zealand audio professionals. Tim’s background in electronics, live sound engineering and later studio engineering led to the development of the companys first product, the True Class A MA-2 microphone preamplifier (now MA-2.2). The MA2 was well received by a handful of well known US engineers back in 1993 and this prompted Tim to continue to develop new products with an emphasis on innovative electronic design. Today the company continues to grow and aims to become a household name within the international recording industry.

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