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Source Audio

An Update From Source Audio

An Update From Source Audio

Source Audio – On the Road with John Mayer

This is way cool, we just learned that Source Audio pedals will be traveling with Mr. John Mayer this summer on his The Search For Everything Tour.  It’s true, John is rocking the Source Audio Programmable EQ and his accompanying guitarist/vocalist, David Ryan Harris, plugs into the Nemesis Delay. We discovered this info after some significant social media surfing. Check out the blog to view some interesting Instagram posts on the subject, one from our old friend Bob Bradshaw and a couple more from John and David themselves…
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Premier Guitar Rig Rundown, Featuring Mike Sullivan of Russian Circles

Yeah, here we go… Russian Circles!!! We are always happy to watch a new
Premier Guitar Magazine Rig Rundown, and this one is an absolute gem. Mike Sullivan of Russian Circles talked with PG at a recent show with Mastodon and Eagles of Death Metal at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium (a.k.a. the home of the Grande Ole Opry). If you’re not familiar with Russian Circles, you should be. These guys churn out some of the heaviest instrumental rock happening today, a cosmic combination of dark ambient passages and pummeling riffs. Mike has been rocking the Nemesis Delay for a few months now and we are quite fired up about it. Read the blog for more info on Russian Circles and the Nemesis Delay…
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The Ventris Reverb: A Progress Report

Source Audio_2

Ventris Update: Bob and Jesse have been working overtime on getting Ventris to market. As is our usual experience, we encountered way too many new and cool sounds recently that we just had to get into the product. Roger is trying to draw a line in the sand to say that’s enough, but it’s hard to say no to a cool new sound! Right now we are looking at late July or early August. We should have some new videos with sounds from the lab soon. Stay tuned.

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