The Neuro Mobile App is Better than Ever

Check Out the New Look & Feel

Rejoice, the unofficial start of Summer 2019 has arrived – Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody! We are very excited to announce that we are kicking this Summer off right with a completely updated version of the Neuro Mobile App. In keeping with our commitment to create the best possible user experience, we have completely revised the App’s look and feel. The updated Neuro App features a more intuitive control interface, in-depth pedal information pages, enhanced preset search capabilities, profile following, and more. If you don’t already have the Neuro Mobile App you can check it out for free at the App Store and Google Play – just search “Source Audio Neuro.”

And let us know what you think of the updates – even the criticisms. We are always looking for ways to make our gear more awesome.


The Latest On the C4 Synth Project

The C4 Synth – our Eurorack modular synthesizer in a box – continues to edge closer and closer to completion. We just posted some fresh images of the Neuro Desktop’s C4 editing panel as well as a block diagram – they will give you some quick insight to the massive tonal possibilities beneath the hood of this pedal. Some of the cool features in the C4 Synth include four parallel Voices with a choice of three types of synth oscillator wave shapes, a synchronized pair of programmable 16 step sequencers, and over 20 modulating filters. The C4 is our most ambitious pedal to date and we cannot wait to hear the sounds you create with it.


Josh Scott of JHS Pedals Looks At the Ventris Dual Reverb in His “Extraordinary Reverbs” Vlog

If you’re anything like us, you look forward to Thursday because of (A.) its close proximity to the weekend and (B.) the inevitable release of another edition of the JHS Vlog. We had the great pleasure of meeting Josh Scott – the brilliant mastermind behind JHS pedals – at Winter NAMM 2019. After getting to know each other and expressing some mutual admiration we agreed to engage in a bit of pedal swapping. We shipped out a few Source Audio pedals and in about a week we received Josh’s Bonsai Drive (9 Tube Screamers in one box!) and the JHS Whitey Tighty and Pulp n’ Peel Compressors – killer, killer pedals.

And low and behold, a couple of weeks ago the Ventris Dual Reverb showed up in JHS’s Extraordinary Reverbs Vlog – you gotta love that. In the video Josh pulls some really great sounds from some really great reverb pedals, including a look at the Ventris’ Offspring engine. Enjoy!