Source Audio – The C4 Synth’s Older Brother

Tone Matching: The C4 Synth and a Eurorack Analog Modular Synthesizer

Gotta tell ya’, making this video was a blast! We recently packed up the camera and sound equipment and headed over to our Chief Scientist Bob Chidlaw’s house to do some sound comparing and tone matching between our new C4 Synth pedal and Bob’s Eurorack analog modular synthesizer.

We’ve talked fairly extensively about how the C4 Synth’s Neuro Desktop software (free download for Mac and Windows) mimics the signal flow of a vintage modular synth, this video really illustrates the point. Actually, creating sounds with the C4 is considerably easier than wiring up a patch with a vintage modular synth (dealing with the modular’s mixed-up tangle of cables can be a bit tiresome) and the resulting tone is exceptional – we’re talking full-on swelling, buzzing synth euphoria.


Mike Hermans (a.k.a. “Pop Into the Chemist”) Demos the C4 Synth

One of the best parts of releasing a new pedal is that we get to hang out with our old friend Mike Hermans (he lives in nearby Somerville, MA) and show him around the new pedal. We also get to hear some awesome guitar playing. Mike totally killed it in this C4 Synth demo video – so many great sounds. He even treated us to a Depeche Mode cover and a snippet from the Top Gun Soundtrack – “I feel the need… the need for speed!”


This Month’s Featured Neuro Presets

We were truly blown away by the response to the C4 Synth and all the amazing User Presets that have been created in just the first couple of weeks. Seriously, you folks dove into the C4 Synth’s Neuro Desktop Editor and created pure beauty. Below is just a sample of greatness we heard!

Our friend Simon Francis (@sifrancis ) is a bass effects guru. We first met Simon at the Boston Garden when he was using the Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter on tour with Ellie Goulding. If you’re a bassist with a passion for EDM, we highly recommend checking out Simon’s “Reese Bass” and “Synth Bass” presets.

Checkout @JONDOM22’s Presets Here!

Jon Dom ( @jondom22 ) got right to work with his C4 Synth – his “Rocko’s Modern Knife” and “Big Head Bit Crush” presets are just a taste of the awesome suite of presets created by JD! We’ve got all kinds of C4 elements at work here – we’re talking programmed sequencers, pure synth tones with pitch shifting, and even some simple envelope filter sounds to cop a classic Jerry Garcia guitar sound!