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Source Audio – Nailing Neil Young’s Live Tone

Source Audio – Nailing Neil Young’s Live Tone

Andy at Shows Us How to Nail Neil Young’s Live Tone with Help from the True Spring Reverb

Here at Source Audio headquarters, we debate quite a bit about music and musicians, but there are a few topics on which we ALL agree. One is that Neil Young freakin’ rules. So we were quite happy to see the True Spring Reverb make an appearance in our pal Andy Martin’s video on “How Get Neil Young’s Live Guitar Tone with 3 Boutique Pedals.”

The True Spring Reverb is equipped with an engine inspired by the vintage FenderĀ© 6G15 outboard spring unit that was a favorite of Neil’s in the early Crazy Horse days. Check out the video as Andy romps through a few Neil Young classics like “Cinnamon Girl,” “Powderfinger,” and “Cortez the Killer.” What do you think – did he achieve full Neil-ness?

This Month’s Featured Neuro Presets

We could not be more fired up about the explosion of published C4 Synth User Presets. The growing legion of C4 owners is creating and publishing KILLER new presets every single day with the Neuro App. Here is the best news; for all of y’all that don’t have the time or desire to jump into the Neuro Editor and start experimenting with preset creation, it is super-easy to use Neuro to explore, audition, and save any of these great sounds directly to your C4 (check out our Instructions for using the Neuro App with Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows videos for a quick tutorial). Below are some recent favorites…

Our friend Do Noise was one of the very first people to dive into the C4 Synth’s Neuro Editor and use it to its full potential. DN fearlessly experimented with the C4’s vast collection of sound features, from the dual programmable sequencers in his “Octave Sequenced Bass” preset, to the intelligent harmonization in “C7th Chords,” to the alternate LFO wave shapes in “Dancing Filters.” He also produced an excellent video demonstrating his presets. All of these sounds are super creative, fun, and may be just the thing you’re looking for to add an unexpected twist to your latest recording.

Some excellent C4 Synth bass presets (that sound equally excellent on guitar) from our friend @Quatschmacher (a.k.a “Peter Kenney”)! Quatschmacher has a grand collection of great presets with fantastic accompanying sound clips. Here are a couple of our favorites…

Introducing the Spectrum Intelligent Filter

…And just in case you missed it, last month we released the awesome new Spectrum Intelligent Filter. Source Audio originally made a name for itself with the Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter, and that rich tradition continues with our brand new, even more powerful and compact envelope filter. Check the link for some great demos of the Spectrum!

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