VocalBooth Silver Series 4x4 w/ 3x3 Window

VocalBooth Silver Series 4x4 w/ 3x3 Window


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Silver Series

Economical Portable Performance
Our most economical VocalBooth, the Silver Series, is a single-wall design for applications needing extra sound isolation or a controlled recording environment. Often this booth is used in preexisting studios with minimal exterior sound issues.

Available in 4′ x 4′ size only, this booth is a great addition for home and project studios on a budget.

Interior Treatment   Lighting
Auralex Executive Gray Convoluted Foam Auralex Executive Gray Convoluted Foam   120 Volt Fixtures – US Only 120 Volt Fixtures - US Only

Exterior Treatment   Cable Ports
Heavy Duty Executive Gray Fabric Exterior Heavy Duty Executive Gray Fabric Exterior   Cable And Electric Pass Through Ports Cable Ports

Active Ventilation Standard Ventilation      




Door Windows   Heil Ceiling Mount Microphone Boom
1′ x 2′ or 2′ x 2.5′ 1' x 2' or 2' x 2.5' Door Window   Space Saving Ceiling Mounted Microphone Boom Heil Ceiling Mount Microphone Boom

Wall Windows   Interior Treatments
3′ x 3′ Window Only 3' x 3' Wall Window   Auralex Acoustic Foam Optional Colors Sample Interior Fabric Colors - Other Colors Available

Vent Silencer   Exterior Colors
Housing Unit For Fan Vent Silencer   Some Of Our Exterior Colors. We Can Accomodate Just About Any Color Sample Exterior Colors - Other Colors Available

Platinum Series Subfloor   Custom Heights
Decoupled Flooring Platinum Subfloor   Reduced or Increased Heights Custom Gold Heights

Hardwood Floor   Caster Wheel Base
Maple Hardwood Floor – other wood available Hardwood Flooring   Enhanced Mobility Caster Wheel Base

Locking Door Handle   Other Options
Door Handle With Lock and Key Locking Door Handle w/ Key   Shelving, Wall Mounts and more



Exterior Height: 85 inches (2.16m)

Interior Height: 82 inches (2.08m)

Height w/ Casters: 91 inches (2.32m)

Wall Thickness: 2.75 inches (6.90cm)

Decibel Reduction Specs* (Accurate to +/- 3dB)
Frequency ( Hertz )
Reduction ( dB )
*VocalBooth offers the highest level of sound reduction in the industry. Some competitors use impractical testing methods to inflate their sound reduction numbers. In direct on-site comparisons VocalBooth outperforms (reduces sound) more effectively than any other maker of a similar product – Click here to see how we test

Cableports: 1 or 2

Lighting: 120 Volt Fixtures (US Only)

Assembly Time: 30 minutes

Vent Systems: 1 Unit

Sizes: 4′x4′only

Door: The Silver Series comes with our proprietary 72″ x 28″ x 1 3/8″ foam core door. The interior of the door matches the convoluted foam interior of the booth. Customers can choose from either a left or right out swing.

Colors: Standard is our executive gray convoluted foam interior and executive gray fabric exterior. Additional interior treatments and exterior colors are available.

Windows: Available window sizes for the Silver Series are a 1′ x 2′ door window or a 3′ x 3′ wall window. Windows are double-paned glass consisting of one 1/4″ pane and one 1/8″ pane.

Weight 9.9999 kg
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