Vintech X81

Vintech X81


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While many people love the classic Neve 1081 module because of it’s versatile equalizer section, many feel that it’s use of class AB amplifiers causes it to lack that certain “magic” associated with the class A amplifiers found in the Neve 1073 module. Our new “X81 Class A” features the same great microphone preamplifier as our X73, but with a more comprehensive four band equalizer with “Q” adjustment on the two mid range frequencies. We utilize the same class A amplifier designs found in he Neve 1073 module throughout our X81 Class A. The equalizer section features ten low mid frequency points, 10 hi mid frequencies, 5 frequecy choices on both the low and high shelving adjustments. There is also a high pass filter, a D.I. and an ouput strength meter.

Features include:
Class A, all discrete, transformer balanced design.
Four band equalizer with low and hi mid “Q” adjustment.
Swiss made, military grade, hand wired attenuator switch.
Custom concentric style hand wired switches and potentiometers.
Custom machined aluminum knobs.

Users include:
Chuck Ainlay, engineer for George Strait
Eddie Kramer, producer and engineer for Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones
Jim Gaines, engineer for Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn
Gary Paczosa, engineer for Alison Krauss and the Dixie Chicks

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