Vermona fourMative CONTOURS


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Vermona fourMative CONTOURS

Regardless of your modular system’s size, the number of installed modules or its purpose, it’s basically only about one thing: level adjustments. Often, the full level of a signal is too much and has to be attenuated. Also, the opposite – levels must be amplified – happens more often than you might think.

AMPLINUATOR 3 connects both functions in a unique and smart way. With only one LEVEL control per channel, you can attenuate incoming signals to zero (full left position) or amplify them by factor two (full right position). In its center-position levels are left untouched. To get the best experience when adjusting levels around the center position, we did not use potentiometers with center-click. Instead, we established a dead zone for quickly and reliably finding the 12 o’clock spot. Each channel has outputs with normal and inverted polarity.

There is a summing section as well. Thus AMPLINUATOR 3 works as 3-in–1-mixer as well. The module processes audio signals and control voltages.

AMPLINUATOR 3 is a sophisticated helper in best VERMONA quality.

Envelope Times
TIME, SLOW off 0.5 ms – approx. 500 ms
TIME, SLOW on 30 ms – approx. 30 s
Time + CV IN 25 µs – 10.000 s
optimum CV IN level ±5 V
max. output level for NORM and NEG 0 … 5 V respectively 0… 10 V
max. input level SUM IN ±10 V
TRIG threshold +2,5 V
EOP trigger signal +10 V/1 ms respectively 10 ms
Maximum Power Consumption
+12 V 130 mA
–12 V 80 mA
+5 V
Width/Height 24 HP/3 U
Depth approx. 40 mm
Weight 360 g

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