Vanguard V44S GEN2 Stereo FET Condenser Microphone


Stereo FET condenser microphone with twin custom-voiced, edge-terminated 34mm dual-capsule assembly with 3µm gold-sputtered Mylar diaphragms, 3 independently selectable polar patterns per capsule, and electronically-balanced solid-state circuitry using audiophile-grade parts

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Vanguard V44S GEN2 Stereo FET Condenser Microphone

The second-generation Vanguard Audio Labs V44S is a stereo large-diaphragm multi-pattern FET condenser microphone lovingly re-imagined by the Vanguard team over 2020. This unique microphone is designed to be a versatile, reliable, professional tool in the vein of highly sought-after vintage stereo condensers of yesteryear. With a pair of twin coincident custom-voiced multi-pattern capsules, you can utilize X/Y, Mid-Side, Blumlein, and other less conventional stereo microphone techniques in a single microphone. With a gen2 redesigned detented heavy-duty rotation mechanism, premium cryogenically-treated FET circuitry, Neutrik interconnects, and a VLSM shock-mount, the V44S is the first and last stereo microphone you’ll ever need to reach for.

Vanguard have upgraded nearly all of the key signal-path components to audiophile-grade parts, sourced from American parts manufacturers. These upgrades have netted us a lower signal-to-noise ratio, and vastly improved sound staging. The V44S gen2 also includes a redesigned rock-solid rotating mechanism allowing the user to precisely set the angle of the two capsules and widening available rotation range to 120º.

The design team at Vanguard Audio Labs has worked very long and to implement these exciting improvements and are proud to release these new creations!


The V44S was designed in the USA, and undergoes final assembly in sunny Southern California. Vanguard Audio Labs perform 100% quality control – every single piece of your microphone kit undergoes a series of stringent audio and visual tests in Southern California before being hand-packed.

Every part of the V44S was designed to be robust and reliable. Wherever possible, components were over-specced. The deep-cycle cryogenic treatment improves the lifespan and performance of critical electronic components. Stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc are part of the heavy-duty construction. Every Vanguard microphone is backed by a five-year warranty.


The V44S is very different from other microphones in its price range. It is designed and precision-built in limited quantities to “no-compromise” standards, with final assembly and 100% testing here in Southern California.

Twin extra-large 34mm edge-terminated, gold-sputtered 3µm Mylar dual-capsule assemblies are custom-voiced with a proprietary hand-tuning process, placing each capsule in an open-weave headbasket for a natural sound with low internal reflections. The top headbasket rotates up to 120 degrees, with detents every 15 degrees for repeatability of settings.

A transformerless solid-state circuit matches the unique musical properties of Vanguard capsules and is loaded with premium-grade, over-spec components sourced from manufacturers around the world. Vanguard cryogenically treat critical components in the signal and power paths, including an ultra-high-grade FET.

Aesthetically, the precision-machined stainless steel body is coated with Vanguard’s signature Pinot Noir, finished with a deep, lustrous gloss, and accented by polished nickel trim and a precision-cast Vanguard badge. Your V44S’s serial number is laser-engraved on the lower rear of the microphone.

The V44S was designed by a team of experts with nearly a century of experience and vetted by award-winning engineers and producers.


The V44S features the character of classic stereo microphones, while also utilizing modern technology and design to meet the demands of today’s recording professionals. Its ultra-thin 3µm edge-terminated capsule diaphragms are extraordinarily sensitive, ensuring that every nuance and detail of the performance is faithfully captured.

Both custom-voiced capsules are independently switchable between cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8 pickup patterns, enabling X/Y, Mid-Side, and Blumlein stereo miking within one microphone, as well as less conventional stereo techniques.

One of the biggest complaints common with stereo microphones is the flaws of current and past headbasket rotation assemblies. Too often, the current designs are fragile and prone to noisy operation, breakage, and signal loss. Vanguard designed a heavy-duty, punched-steel rotation mechanism which detents every 15 degrees for reliable, durable operation.

The included splitter box contains an additional phase-reversed top capsule output, which is perfect for less-than-ideal recording conditions such as concert taping. This allows mid-side recording with no additional mixer patching.

After hundreds of hours of listening and testing exhaustive design variations with renowned recording engineers, this microphone will vastly exceed the performance of other stereo microphones in its price range, and rival the performance of stereo microphones costing several times more.


  • Twin custom-voiced, edge-terminated 34mm dual-capsule assembly with 3µm gold-sputtered Mylar diaphragms
  • 3 independently selectable polar patterns per capsule
  • Electronically-balanced solid-state circuitry using audiophile-grade parts, most sourced from American manufacturers
  • Deep-cycle cryogenic treatment of critical signal & power path components
  • 120º rotatable top capsule with 15º detents
  • Versatile splitter box for mobile & live recording conditions
  • Ultra-low-noise JFET design
  • Heavy-duty brass, aluminum, steel, and zinc construction
  • Robust punched-steel capsule rotation mechanism
  • Open-weave headbasket for low internal reflections and “open-air” voicing
  • Each V44S comes with its own laser-engraved serial number
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Over-spec components
  • Deep-gloss Pinot Noir finish
  • Polished nickel trim
  • Precision-cast Vanguard badge
  • Neutrik interconnects throughout
  • Final Assembly & 100% Quality Control in California, USA
  • Exquisite deep-gloss Pinot Noir finish
  • Polished nickel trim
  • Precision-cast Vanguard badge
  • Laser-etched model and serial numbers


PACKAGE CONTENTS V44S gen2 microphone, VLSM shock-mount, splitter box, 5-pin mic cable, padded pinewood box, and locking aluminum carrying case
LENGTH 10.6 in
CAPSULE TYPE 1.34″/34mm (dual-capsule)
POLAR PATTERN Bi-Directional / Figure-Eight, Cardioid, Omni-Directional
IMPEDANCE 200Ω (output)
MAX. SPL 135 dB (145 dB with -10 dB pad)

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