UnderToneAudio GB Tracker Satellite


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UnderToneAudio GB Tracker Satellite

GB Tracker Satellite: The Satellite is the re-amping half of the Tracker in its own case, allowing engineers to send the line level signal to an amp in another room, or to daisy chain to multiple amps. The Satellite can also work as a standalone re-amping box without the GB Tracker.

The innovative GB Tracker is a combination instrument preamp and re-amplifying device, making it an all-in-one solution for both capturing a line level DI signal and re-amping it. This unique design features detent’ed gain-matching input and output level controls that allow you to always maintain a precise unity gain through the DI to the re-amplification path. This, combined with our painstaking effort to match the commonly used impedances on popular guitars, basses, and amps, Makes the GB Tracker sonically transparent. your guitar or bass going through the GB Tracker will sound exactly the same as plugging directly into your amp.

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