Tube Tech PE1C


Outboard Program Equalizer

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Tube-Tech PE1C EQ

Tube-Tech PE1C EQ or  program equalizer was originally made as a European exact equivalent of the US Pultec program eq, that became very popular in the US during the eighties in recording studios in New York and LA. The smooth sound of the Pultecs made these eq’s very different and attractive. The challenge of this illusive sound motivated Tube Tech founder and designer John Petersen to design and manufacture something that sounded just as good. The magic test was a Pultec EQ1P on the left and Tube Tech PE1A on the right and check the stereo image: It had to remain perfect on all settings! The PE1A was the first product carrying the name TUBE-TECH. A vintage product still in production! Today the Tube-Tech PE1C is still in production, with little changes from its original design. The PE1C is the only program eq that does exactly the same thing as the original Pultecs did when new. We mean “did” because today the Pultecs often are more “grainy” sounding today due to age and very old components. The high end boost of the PE1C is a one off a kind and nothing comes close. Try it on dark sources like a Coles ribbon mike and hear how nice the top end gets opened up without harshness. The sound obtained with the PE1C is impossible to get with other standard active eq’s due to the filter types, the tube gain stages and transformers. There’s a lot of creative possibilities and magic hidden in this seemingly simple eq. The low end section is a combination of two separate passive eq filters with a little different cut/boost frequencies,even though the front panel shows the same frequencies for these functions. In reality the boost frequencies are a little lower than the attenuation frequencies, something the original Pultecs did and the Tube Tech carries over.. “THE LOW END TRICK” This feature results in special eq curves when the two sections are combined

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