Telefunken U47/U48 Studio Set

Telefunken tube microphone set. U47 matched to a U48.

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Telefunken U47/U48 Studio Set

Set the “way back” machine for 1958 when you could have walked out of Manny’s Music on 48th St. in New York City with a shiny new Gold Top Les Paul for under $1000. If you were a recording geek, you could have walked out of Gotham Audio [located just a few blocks away] with a brand new “Studio Set” of U-47 or U-48 microphones for around the same price. Unfortunately, most of us weren’t working professionals in 1958 so we missed that boat, but wouldn’t it have been great?

In keeping with the long standing tradition, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik have given a nod back to 1958 when both the U47 and U48 were offered in 3 unique packages. The U-47 and U-48 were both offered in what was called a “Stereo Set” that featured a sequentially serial numbered pair of U-47 or U-48 microphones with a dual [two microphone capable] power supply, and the “Studio Set,” which was a single U-47 that was matched to a U-48.

The largest difference between the modern versions and what was available in 1958 is that the sets from 1958 were not “matched.” Now they are! Each component is matched for sonic characteristics. The M7 capsules are hand selected and tested for consistent behavior in our Connecticut laboratory, along with matched custom BV8 output transformers, VF14K tubes as well as the more mundane resistors and capacitors. Additionally, a special serial number group has been created for the modern version of the “Studio Set” making these a very rare set of birds which are not only unbelievably useful, but also rare and collectible.

With the U-47 stereo set you now have the option of X/Y recording as well as spaced omni recording with one convenient power source and two legendary microphones. With the U-48 stereo set you have the ability to run X/Y, M/S, or Bluemlein microphone techniques [“crossed” figure 8 pickup pattern for “stereo omni” coverage], again with one convenient power source. Of course each microphone can be used as a single mic mono tool, as is so often seen in historic photos of everyone from Sinatra to The Beatles.

Unlike the original sets, these sets are delivered in a stylish leather bound, rugged and convenient protective carrying case as moving from studio to studio is far more prevalent now than it was in 1958. The soft cloth inside material for the microphones and power supply sports the classic TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik logo is sure to make you smile with pride every time you open the case to remove your classic tools.

As this in not 1958, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has made STEREO sets available for our other classic microphones. The ELA M 250/251, ELA M 250E/251E, as well as the C12 and fore mentioned U47s and U48s.

Each component for every microphone is hand selected and matched to allow for as close match between the two microphones in each system as is possible. Capsules are tuned to each other; transformers and tube are testing for matched gain and frequency response. These sets offer the user the knowledge and comfort that the tools they are using will give identical responses for their most important stereo recording!

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