Telefunken ELA M 251T

Microphone featuring the newly developed CK-13™ capsule, constructed from Alloy 2213™.

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Telefunken ELA M 251T

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik introduces the new ELA M 251 T, a microphone featuring the newly developed CK-13™ capsule. While based upon the classic ELA M 251 models, the ELA M 251 T adds a very modern twist. That twist is the implementation of Alloy 2213™ as the diaphragm membrane material for the CK-13™ capsule. Alloy 2213™ is an amalgam of Titanium and Aluminum, which was originally developed for the aerospace industry.

Traditionally gold has been sputtered onto Mylar™ for the diaphragms of the historic CK-12 capsule. By employing Alloy 2213™, which is far more rigid than gold, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has developed a capsule that provides greater accuracy in the low-frequency ranges of the audio spectrum by attaining a higher damping factor to the motion of the membrane.

Alloy 2213™ is lighter than gold, and when combined with the edge terminated CK-12 system provides an “airy” and “delicate” representation of the upper ranges of the audio spectrum. This affords the user a higher degree of detail in the recorded sound while still providing the depth of audio for which ELA M 251 microphones have been associated for decades.

After extensive R&D, the perfect diaphragm tuning and fabrication was achieved, resulting in a microphone capsule that can better withstand moisture, smoke, and extreme volume, thus requiring less maintenance over the years, and provides the user a superior capture of the sound to be recorded.

The ELA M 251T also sheds the classic mint green body color of the ELA M 250, 250E, 251 251E & ELA M 270 in favor of a sleek sulfamate nickel-plated finish to reflect the proprietary capsule technology. The ELA M 251 T-System comes complete with capsule, amplifier featuring a NOS TELEFUNKEN ECC81 vacuum tube, power supply, and 4-year warranty. Included in the package is a stand-mount cable connector, ruggedly-built power supply, wooden microphone box, and a classic leather-bound locking tweed flight case.

Telefunken ELA M 251T Specifications: 

Type Condenser Pressure Gradient
Capsule CK13 – 1″ dual sided Alloy 2213 sputtered membrane
Frequency Range 20Hz – 20kHz, ± 3 dB
Polar Pattern Cardioid, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional
Sensitivity 11.5 mV/Pa, ± 1 dB
THD at 1kHz at 1Pa <0.15%
Output Impedance 200 Ω stock / 50 Ω switchable
Maximum SPL 132 dB
Non Linear Distortion Less than or equal to 0.5% at 100 dyne / cm sq
Self Noise (Amplifier) 7dBA
Tube Type GE JAN 6072a (NOS)
Power Supply M 950 PSU – 7 Pin Female XLR Input, 3 Pin Male XLR Output
Size 216 mm L x 50 mm Dia
Weight 596 g
Supply Current <1mA(4V) 100mA
Supplied Accessories Locking flight case, power supply, wooden mic box, clasping shock mount, 25′ Accusound quad-shielded cable with swivel connector

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