SSL Fusion


Analog processing tool with five elements adding tone, depth, space, and a touch of analog magic to your mix bus or stereo stems

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SSL Fusion

Solid State Logic is a world leader in the pro audio field, renowned for the transparency of their products. Now they take the next step and introduce Fusion, a means of releasing the full spectrum of sonic coloration in the analog domain. The SSL Fusion uses classic dynamics processing tools in a new way to create more color, more character, and more cohesion in your stereo stems and mixes. In the heart of the studio, the Fusion by SSL combines five different elements to release the tremendous sonic energy inherent in your stereo signals.


The SSL Violet EQ is a new approach to equalization for the mix bus. By creating their first new EQ circuit in over a quarter century, SSL has drawn on their vast legacy to pinpoint the most useful frequencies and ideal response curves, providing an efficient way to bring a new heft and sparkle to your mixes. With four selectable frequencies in two bands, minimal phase-shift and a range of 9 dB boost or attenuation, the Violet EQ element provides a wide range of options to dial in the right range of results.


The Vintage Drive element is a novel approach to enhancing harmonic content. Controls for Drive and Density are interdependent and can produce sweet musical harmonics and a more organic style of compression with soft clipping. These can bring a cohesiveness and glue to your mixes, impossible to achieve by other means. A tri-color status indicator lets you know when you’re in the sweet spot.


Another tri-color status light is found on the High Frequency Compressor element, a more straightforward approach to compression that is specifically tailored for the high end of the spectrum (from 3 to 20 kHz). This element allows a more analog style HF roll-off, well suited to smoothing out the edges that digital tracking can produce. Achieve the unique tone you’re after, and mellow your harshness – not the other way around!


A switchable Transformer circuit is the element that achieves what analog iron is all about – adding some saturation in the low frequencies, while also phase-shifting the highs to create color and character that no digital signal processing can achieve.


With the new Stereo Image element, a real analog Mid-Side control is at your fingertips. Your depth of field can be enhanced by altering the Side signal component, providing depth and width that simple panning cannot create.


Several other key features round out the array of functions on the new SSL Fusion. At the front and back ends are Input and Output Trim controls providing 12 dB of boost or cut, with a convenient Overload LED on the Input side. A 15-point LED meter provides for Peak Hold display of the signal, and the Bypass mode allows all switchable functions to be bypassed, after the Input trim control. A three-position High Pass Filter on the Input side allows a cutoff at 30-4-50 Hz.

Further manipulation of your signal can be achieved with a set of XLR connections that function in either of two ways. In one mode is a Stereo Insert for processing the mix bus; this can be switched to occur before the EQ element. In the other mode, they can be used as a Mid-Side (MS) circuit, where separate signal processing like EQ or compression can be delegated to the center (Middle) and Side components of a stereo signal, either before or after the Stereo Image element. These features greatly enhance the ability to manipulate a stereo signal, making the SSL Fusion the premier analog stereo signal processor. Add some color to your life!

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