Roswell Pro Audio RA-VO Voiceover Microphone


Our microphones provide a distinctive sound, and a level of performance normally associated with far more expensive devices.

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Roswell Pro Audio RA-VO Voiceover Microphone

The RA-VO microphone was designed specifically for voiceover.

We worked with Jordan Reynolds, a professional voiceover talent and audio producer, to develop this microphone. We tested multiple capsule types, circuits, and tunings, over multiple iterations, until we found a microphone that made Jordan put his former go-to VO mic ($1049 MSRP) back in its box for good.

Jordan writes, “There is just nothing harsh or shrill about this mic. It is, hands down, the most flat and natural sounding mic I’ve ever heard on my voice… I am super in love with this mic. Infatuated!”

The RA-VO relies on a circuit design we’ve been refining for over 10 years. It is optimized for transparency, low noise, and audiophile-quality sound. We have employed a hardwired high-pass filter to control proximity effect.

The microphone’s native frequency response is essentially flat, with just a hint of presence boost in the upper octaves. This non-hyped response allows the mic to take EQ well, should some of your voices need such treatment.

The RA-VO ships with a Rycote InVision shockmount and an airtight, waterproof, US-made (SKB) road case.


  • Frequency response tailored for voice capture
  • Internal Cardioid/Omni pattern switch
  • High sensitivity, low noise
  • Distinctive styling with textured powdercoat finish


  • Unhyped response eliminates need for de-esser
  • Low-noise circuit greatly reduces hiss and white noise in recorded tracks
  • Circuit tuning reduces rumble, mechanical vibration noise, and bass boost from proximity effect
Model: RA-VO
Acoustic Principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Capsule: 34mm O.D. True Condenser, dual backplate
Diaphragm: 3 micron imported Mylar, center terminated
Frequency Range: 50 – 15,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 40 mV/Pa
Impedance: 112 Ohms
Signal-to-noise: 84 dBA
Equivalent noise: <10dBA
Supply voltage: 48±4 VDC
Output: Electronically balanced (transformerless)
Physical dimensions: 170 × 51mm


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