Namba Shaka Laptop Messenger Bag

Namba Shaka Laptop Messenger Bag


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Brands: Namba Gear

Shaka Laptop Messenger

mayan brown / charcoal grey / olive green
external dimensions: 15.5″ H x 12″ W x 4.5″ D

The Shaka Laptop Messenger bag was created to provide an optimum carrying solution for up to a 15″ laptop computer along with personal items. We call it a high performance bag because of the construction detail and the extreme high grade weather-resistant 1680D poly nylon materials that we use. 

The evolution of the hand-held digital audio recorder makes this a perfect solution for carrying your laptop computer along with a digital recorder such as: Zoom H4/H2; M-Audio Micro Trak II; Marantz PMD660/620; Edirol R09; Sony PCM-D50; Tascam DR-1; or the Olympus CS-10.

The versatile Shaka bag is a great solution to carry both an iPad and up to 15″ laptop at the same time. The Shaka bag is the most flexible laptop carrying solution that we have seen, with pockets, pockets, and more pockets. It is the perfect every-day bag for transporting a laptop along with all of your personal essentials. Lockable zippers for the laptop compartment provides extra security, a super thick shoulder pad which softens and redistributes bag weight, and even a convenient carry handle are a few of the special features.


* Extra Thick Paddingprovides the best protection for your laptop

* Extra Thick Shoulder Padredistributes bag weight so it feels lighter

* Adjustable Shoulder Strapone size fits all

* Convenient Carry Handleeasy lift and carry

* Holds 15″ Laptop Computertake your office/studio with you

* High Performance Constructionsuperior high-quality ballistic 1680D/PVC poly nylon material

* Useable Pocketspack all of your personal essentials


 Shaka Laptop Messenger in Olive GreenShaka Laptop Messenger in Mayan BrownShaka Laptop Messenger in Charcoal Grey   

Inside The ShakaShaka Rubber Zipper Tips Minimizes Jingle-JangleLoading Up The Shaka

Front Clasp Of ShakaThree Shakas In A RowSturdy Handle On Shaka Messenger

Shaka Laptop Messenger Reviews

“Personally, I use a the Shaka Laptop Messenger bag and I put a lot of stuff in there. Typically it’s just my Macbook Pro 15″, a small toolkit, a MicPort Pro (just in case), power supply, and various small cables. Today I had my Powerbook 12″ in there along with the Macbook Pro. The Shaka bag holds everything securely and safely, looks attractive, is comfortable to carry, and the price is right!” George Whitam (voice-over services),  Los Angeles, CA

“My laptop is a portable studio as well as my lifeline away from the studio. I carry demos, record sessions all from my laptop and audio interface. I put my gear thru a lot, and safety counts! I’m a “bag guy” and I’ve gotta have a great bag. That’s why I chose the Shaka Laptop Messenger bag.” Jeff Rona (award-winning film composer), Los Angeles, CA

“The Shaka bag is like a pair of cargo pants for your laptop, and as a proponent of cargo pants, I find it only fitting that my computer is afforded the same luxury. It’s full of pockets with lockable zippers for extra security. A super thick shoulder pad will eliminate divots in your shoulders for long distance carriage, and if you were born without shoulders, it has a pretty sturdy and convenient handle.” J. Irving-Giles  (writer/editor for Gearwire)

“The Shaka bag looks cool… single strap bag is nice and stylish. It has lots of little pockets for cables and smaller things (like lyric sheets or USB keys).” Jamez (producer/musician/composer), Venice, CA

“The NAMBA Shaka bag allows for durability, protection, lots of room for musician-type things and style.” Ray

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