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Brands: Namba Gear

Big Namba Studio Backpack

only available in killer bee

external dimensions: 21.5″ H x 14″ W x 9.5″ D

The Big Namba Studio Backpack was created by our design team of musician’s and dj’s to provide an optimum carrying solution for a laptop mobile studio or computer dj requiring a large control surface and using up to a 17″ laptop computer. We call it a high performance bag because of the construction detail and the extreme high grade weather-resistant 1680D poly nylon materials used.

Designed for security, the Big Namba backpack has many musician friendly details that separate it from the other solutions on the market. Extremely long lockable zippers and unsnappable hinges which allow easier packing, a cable management system that makes it easy to keep cables organized, special material that wicks moisture away from your back, and even a secret stash pocket (for your iLoks, etc.) are a few of the special features.

Find out Which MIDI Keyboard Controllers & Computer DJ Controllers Will Fit Inside the Big Namba Studio Backpack.


* Security Designcompartments & pockets on inside / lockable zippers

* Chest Strap secure backpack from falls

* Back Material Wicks Moisture – control shirt stains

* Convenient Carry Handleeasy lift and carry

* Holds 17″ Laptop Computertake your studio with you

* Holds 12″ Vinyls & Audio Devicestransport & protect your mobile studio

* Huge Controller Spaceholds most 25-key MIDI controllers & computer dj controllers

* Controller Space Unhinges & Lays Flateasy loading

* Removable Padded Dividerflexible usage for other applications

* High Performance, Semi-Rigid Foam Constructionsuperior high-quality ballistic 1680D/PVC poly nylon material

* Cable Management Systemeasily organize your cable cluster

* Secret Stash Pocketperfect place to hide iLoks or wallet (it’s the pocket with your cable ties inside)


Lockable Zippers for SecurityPhone or iPod Pocket on StrapSecret Stash Pocket

Inside Green Big NambaFront CompartmentBig Namba Open



Big Namba Studio Backpack Reviews

“I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the big namba studio backpack. I don’t remember how I came across the website, or the youtube vid of the product, but as soon as I saw it I knew this was what I needed. At one time I would have more than two bags to carry my gear around.

Ijust upgraded from a oxygen midi keyboard to a akai mpk25 and I thought to myself it wouldn’t fit…but it was great that images showing that it fit were on the site. As soon as I got it I tried putting almost all my gear in the bag and it all went.You can tell that the bag was made by musicians…I tested it out, with all my gear and just couldn’t stop saying “This is a great bag” Great Product…well worth the money and more than I thought. Pleasantly surprised and totally satisfied.” Psike Deezie

“Yes! The Big Namba swallowed my entire mobile set up (E-mu Xboard25, Edirol UA-25EX, Audio Technica M50 headphones, mic & cables, USB and other cables and the list goes on.) I got a little fight with my laptop (17″ Dell Inspiron 9400) which is kinda big for a laptop/desktop replacement these days. It just took a little angling and that was it. Everything fits inside…. WOW! What was more mind blowing was the weight distribution of the backpack. When I lifted it up from the handle, it felt like I had the whole set up in the bag (literally) but when I put it on my back it suddenly felt light, comfortable and well balanced. I am thoroughly impressed with this bag and think that it is an engineering masterpiece.” Coreysan (composer/musician), Trinidad

“Working in several studios at the same time means you drag a lot of gear around. I was attracted to this backpack not just for its looks, but with the inside design – lots of clever pockets, dedicated areas for cable management, great space for my MacBook or a keyboard controller. It is also solidly constructed, which I know will endure over time. Once I purchased and used the backpack, I realized that the coolest thing about it is how it distributes weight evenly on the back. Since I tend to put so much stuff in my bags to the studio, I was concerned it would kill my back, but it’s just fine – it feels lighter then it actually is. The Big Namba is my only backpack now. Anyone who makes music and uses a laptop or keyboard-controller should check this great backpack out!” Igor Len (composer/producer), Los Angeles / Moscow

“Looking for a better way to transport your equipment? Our friends at Namba Gear design premium backpacks and laptop bags that are perfect for carrying around your Axiom® 25controller or mobile recording setup. M-Audio Recommended.” M-Audio Dec. 2008 E-Newsletter

“Namba’s Big Namba Studio Backpack ($149 MSRP) is the only bag here that doesn’t have a shoulder-strap option, but it contours to your back in an ergonomic way that makes it the most comfortable for carrying heavy loads. Inside there’s plenty of space for MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, CD wallets and other accessories. It actually has the largest interior space of these three bags. Some of the larger pieces I used it for include the M-Audio Xponent and the Novation SL Remote Compact. And Namba’s firm construction helps the bag keep its shape no matter what you put in it.” Markkus Rovito writer for Remix

“I like the fact that I can fit anything and everything into my Big Namba Studio Backpack, including my Axiom 25! Namba Gear is making great products, I’ve been looking for a bag like this for years! Big thanks to Namba Gear for making such cool gear bags!” Laura Escude (performance artist and sound designer), Los Angeles, CA

“You may be in the market for a backpack that can carry your mobile studio gear, and you may have stumbled upon the Namba Big Namba Studio Backpack and thought to yourself “self, that’s the perfect backpack for porting my mobile studio… Yes, this backpack is made specifically for recording studio gear. Yes, it features enough room for a 17″ laptop and a two-octave keyboard controller. Yes, the bag is also equipped with cable-ties as part of an integrated cable management system and yes, it even contains a “secret stash” pocket.” Owen O’Malley writer for Gearwire

“The thoughtful design of the Big Namba Studio Backpack makes this bag stand far apart from conventional carrying cases & bags. The strong structured pockets give ample protection for delicate cables. Strong elastic on netted pockets really keep small items from falling out and bouncing about the interior of the bag. Quick & easy removal of the laptop for airport security. The Color Green!” Jeff Bova (Grammy Award winning producer), Los Angeles, CA

“As a drummer/percussionist/programmer I carry a few different types of controllers in my Big Namba Studio Backpack, including the M-Audio Trigger Finger and Roland HPD 15 along with my laptop computer. Everything I need seems to fit into this backpack with no problem. Bottom line… It’s roomy, stylish and comfortable to wear.” Koorosh Daryaie (drummer/percussionist/programmer), Pasadena, CA

“The Big Namba Studio Backpack is perfect for gigs. We can put all our expensive vocal mics and cords in it all safe and sound & we can even lock it, which is nice. Our old backpacks were flimsy and we were always worrying about the contents getting dented in transit. We had to wrap the mics in bubble wrap. Namba Gear is intelligent, streamlined and well thought out. It just helps simplify the life of a traveling, gigging musician. We can tell that they were designed by working musicians for working musicians. Thank you so much Namba Gear!!” Margaret McClure (vocalist/guitarist/songwriter) , San Diego, CA

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