Manley MicMAID 4x4 Mic Pre Matrix-Switcher


Brands: Manley Labs

Manley MicMAID

Manley’s MicMAID makes matching microphones and preamplifiers easier than ever before. The beauty of the MicMAID is in the simplicity of its design. Plug in up to four different microphones and four different preamplifiers and swap out each combination with the push of a button. You can control the output level of each signal path and save your favorite settings for instant recall later – all without unplugging a single cable. You can even match the phase of a direct input with an adjustment knob right on the MicMAID’s front panel. Manley MicMAID at a Glance:

  • Experience the ease of push-button microphone auditioning
  • Find the combinations that work and let the hardware remember for you
  • Superior circuit design makes mic and instrument matching easy

Experience the ease of push-button mic auditioning The MicMAID acts as a routing hub to connect four microphones and four preamplifiers in any combination you desire. The intuitive, grid-based selector buttons on the front face make matching microphones with preamplifiers a matter of pushing a couple of buttons. Ultimately, the MicMAID is a massive time saver that keeps you at the controls instead of running back and forth as you find the ideal mic and preamp combination. Find the combinations that work and let the hardware remember for you There’s nothing more frustrating that coming up with a good gear combination, trying something different, and then not being able to remember what the first combination and settings were in order to compare the two. That’s where the pure genius of the MicMAID’s memory comes in. With the push of a button, the MicMAID will store your microphone and preamplifier settings for you, as well as the gain setting. The gain knob itself offers 19.5dB of gain adjustment at 0.5dB steps, so matching adjustment setting from one combination to the next is a snap. Manley MicMAID Features:

  • Connects four microphones and four preamplifiers through a convenient matrix
  • +/- 19.5 dB gain adjust (0.5 dB steps) for each of the four signal paths
  • Recall settings for gain, mic & pre combinations
  • Unit generates phantom power to mics (selectable)
  • Variable phase, ground lift for front-panel DI
  • High-quality, gold-contact sealed relays throughout


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