Manley Enhanced Pultec EQP-1A Mono


Manley’s own interpretation of the historic Pultec EQ.

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Brands: Manley Labs

Manley Enhanced Pultec EQP-1A Mono

Manley Labs is the only authorized user of the original Western Electric passive EQ circuitry previously licensed to Pulse Techniques, Inc. found in the well-known (and still sought after in the used market) antique Pultecs.

EQ may be set to ‘flat’ positions or bypassed entirely. All boost and cut controls are continuously variable conductive plastic potentiometers for absolutely silent operation and long life. The single rack unit monoblocks occupy one-third of the space of the ‘antique Pultecs’, an important consideration for allocation of outboard rack space.

The rear mounted input switch selects 0 degrees or 180 degrees phase invert for the balanced gold pin XLR input or the transformerless unbalanced bridging input (1/4″ jack) may be selected.

The Manley Enhanced Pultec has a vastly superior B+ power supply, with regulated and balanced heater supply.

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