Lynx Aurora (n) 24-HD2


24-channel 24-bit/192kHz A/D D/A Converter with LT-HD Card for Pro Tools|HD Preinstalled.

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Lynx Aurora (n) 24-HD

Next-Gen Conversion for Pro Tools|HD

This Lynx Aurora (n) 24-HD with preinstalled LT-HD option provides you with pro-quality digital conversion and ultra-low-latency performance. The Aurora (n) 24-HD gives you up to 192kHz analog to digital and digital to analog conversion with front panel control of all routing and sample rate options. Word clock and MIDI I/O connectors provide you with additional sync options, and the preinstalled LT-HD card provides you with maximum bandwidth and minimal latency. Aurora (n) models give you up to 32-channel recording and playback to microSD for stand-alone operation or confidence recording, as well as two audiophile-grade headphone outs, while a TFT LCD display provides immediate status information. Leveraging high-end Lynx Hilo technology and utilizing cutting-edge FPGA processors, Aroura (n) delivers even greater transparency, with significantly lower noise and distortion than previous models. For excellent conversion quality, we recommend the Lynx Aurora (n) 24-HD.

Outfitted with all of the I/O options you need

The Aurora (n) 24-HD provides you with professional I/O options to fit your studio or live-sound production rig. Based on handy DB-25 connections, the Aurora (n) 24-HD’s analog I/O is electronically balanced and supports both +4dBU and -10dBV nominal levels. Its AES digital I/O is also transformer coupled and capable of driving 500 feet of cable at 192kHz. What’s more, the Aurora (n) 24-HD supports both dual and single-wire AES channel modes.

Fully equipped with convenient front-panel controls

Lynx designed the Aurora (n) 24-HD’s ergonomic front panel to provide you with easy access to all of its important controls and signal status. The Aurora (n) 24-HD also offers extensive remote control capability. You can control all of its front panel features as well as other low-level options from a Lynx AES16 digital interface card, infrared remote, MIDI, or your computer.

Onboard 32-channel mixer makes complex routing simple

The Aurora (n) 24-HD’s 32-channel onboard digital mixer provides you with extensive routing and mixing options. Acting as a powerful patch-bay-style digital router, your Aurora (n) 24-HD can easily route signals between its analog and digital inputs on a channel-by-channel basis. That provides you with extremely flexible, and totally recallable, zero-latency monitoring capabilities.

Armed with SynchroLock-2 jitter reduction for clear digital audio

Lynx’s proprietary SynchroLock-2 jitter reduction technology is also included. This LYNX-exclusive feature provides extreme jitter reduction of up to 3000:1, allowing Aurora to output an extremely clean clock output for driving the digital audio system.

Lynx Aurora (n) 24-HD with LT-HD Option Digital Converter Features:

  • 24-channel AD/DA conversion at up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • Comes preloaded with Lynx LT-HD option card for Pro Tools|HD
  • Hilo Converter Technology (HCT) delivers amazing transparency and ultra-low noise and distortion
  • Up to 32-channels of real-time recording/playback to/from onboard micro SD card
  • Onboard 32-channel digital mixer provides flexible I/O routing
  • LSlot expansion for USB, Thunderbolt, Dante, Protools HD connectivity, and more
  • Configurable I/O, 2 audiophile-grade headphone outs, universal power supply
  • 1-in/3-out word clock I/O with 2nd-generation Lynx SynchroLock-2 sample clock technology
  • AES/EBU I/O supports both single- and dual-wire modes
  • Extensive remote control capability via Lynx AES16, IrDA and MIDI
  • Designed and crafted in the Lynx Studio Technology lab in Costa Mesa, CA

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