Heritage Audio HA-609A Dual Mono / Stereo Diode Bridge Compressor Limiter


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Heritage Audio HA-609A Dual Mono / Stereo Diode Bridge Compressor Limiter

Heritage Audio is proud to announce the HA-609A, a modern, improved take on the classic tracking/mixing diode bridge compressor.  As with the other products in their Elite Series, the HA-609A takes advantage of the latest in manufacturing technology to offer an unprecedented value without compromising audio quality — all built at the Heritage factory in Spain.

The HA-609A is a modern take on the classic transformer coupled diode bridge compressor/limiter design, with several improvements brought in to accommodate the modern workflow.  While some classic iterations of this design utilized some IC chips and a class A/B amplifier stage; the HA-609A features an entirely discrete, class A design and a total of three Carnhill/St Ives transformers per channel.  The addition of a fast attack mode for both the compressor and limiter section allow the HA-609A the flexibility to handle individual tracks as well as groups and 2-bus program material. Thanks to a proprietary system of diode bridge matching, the HA-609A has better channel matching than any earlier incarnations; while the use of rotary switches and high quality, stepped pots allow for easy recall and maintain a perfect stereo image.

The HA-609A is scheduled to ship worldwide in December 2019

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