GS Music - GS Apollo Mini Analog Synthesizer



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GS Music – GS Apollo Mini Analog Synthesizer


The GS Apollo Mini is a subtractive synthesis analog synthesizer. The sound is generated in a totally analog way, with two voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), a mixer (mixer), a voltage controlled filter (VCF) and a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). The control signals are digitally generated by a microcontroller, which is capable of processing three low-frequency oscillators (LFO) and two envelopes (EG) of the ADSR type.

The GS Apollo Mini interface was designed to be simple and intuitive. It features 18 knobs and 3 pushbuttons. It can generate a large variety of sounds.


  • Polyphony: Monophonic, last note priority / Duophonic, lowest note priority and la última
  • Oscillators: 2 voltage controlled analog oscillators (VCO) with sub oscillators.
  • Waveforms: Sawtooth / Pulse
  • Filter: (VCF) 24dB / Oct low pass filter (4 poles) with resonance control. 2 * envelopes (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
  • LFO: 3**
  • Waveforms: LFO Triangular / Ramp Up / Ramp Down / Square
  • Presets: 8
  • Connections: MIDI IN, Audio Output (1/4 ”TRS balanced plug), USB (with galvanic isolation)
  • Power Supply: DC 12V 1A
  • Consumption: 4 W
  • Dimensions: 215mm x 105mm x 57mm
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Package Dimensions: 280mm x 190mm x 95mm
  • Package Weight: 1.2 kg

* From the panel it is only possible to control both envelopes simultaneously. To control them independently the corresponding MIDI CCs must be used.
** Only one LFO is controllable from the panel. To access the other LFOs, the corresponding MIDI CCs must be used.

Knob Color

Red Knobs, Blue Knobs

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