elysia skulpter qube

The Sound Shaping Preamp

Brands: elysia

elysia skulpter qube

The Soundshaping Preamp Module

The Creative Talent

elysia skulpter 500 is the ultimate recording front end. Its audiophile preamp is based on single resistors controlling a fully discrete Class-A amplifier capable of complementing any microphone with a remarkably true and natural sound.

If additional mojo is needed, two variable saturation/filter stages and an intelligent onboard compressor make voices and instruments sound like a finished record right from the start.

Way more than just a preamp, the elysia skulpter 500 is a complete recording solution – everything you’ll ever need in front of your DAW.

5 reasons why you should use the elysia skulpter qube

Build Quality

The skulpter 500, just like all our products, is designed, engineered and handcrafted in Germany.

Class-A Topology

Consequently represents the art of discrete signal processing.

Dual Sound Shaper

Two variable saturation/filter stages provide multiple options for making voices and instruments sounds like a finished record.

Dynamics section

Just a single knob…. but it’s powerful hidden features enable it to control dynamics in all it’s aspects. Simple and incredibly useful.

Variable low cut filter

A Filter Design which lets you choose the best frequency for getting rid of low end rumble. Set and forget or quickly adapt when needed.

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