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Single-channel discrete Class A compressor/limiter

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Crane Song Trakker Mono Compressor Limiter

Crane Song Trakker Mono Compressor Limiter is a high quality Single Channel Discrete Class A Compressor Limiter. It functions either as a musically transparent compressor or as a vintage compressor – limiter with selectable hard or soft knee.

Many engineers have a go-to compressor – or a few, for that matter – that impart a distinct character on what passes through it. But what if you had a compressor that could mimic the best of vintage and modern compressors? The Trakker from Crane Song employs discrete Class A circuitry to provide transparent compression with a soft or hard knee that performs well at both the tracking and mixing stages. The Trakker has the controls you’d expect to see on a compressor, with a knob to select the type of compressor that will be used. This opens up a whole world of sonic possibilities. But our favorite feature on the Trakker: you can link up to eight of them together for 7.1 surround mixing.

Crane Song Trakker At-a-Glance:

    • Link 8 Units for Surround Mixing
    • Versatile

Link Eight Units for Surround Mixing:

As surround becomes more and more prevalent, the need of studios to be equipped to handle surround becomes increasingly more important. You can link up to eight Trakkers together to handle up to eight discrete channels of audio for 7.1 mixing.


Trakker functions either as a musically transparent compressor or as a vintage compressor – limiter with selectable hard or soft knee. Trakker is a maximum-versatility toolkit for solving real-world recording, broadcast, and sound reinforcement problems with the utmost attention to signal quality. Trakker can create distinct new sounds or maximize existing ones. Trakker has adjustable threshold, attack, release, knee shape, and makeup gain controls. In addition to these controls, a function switch allows the selection of transparent operation or vintage operations such as optical, air optical, soft knee, and hard knee – each with four different amplifier/gain control sounds.
Amplifier gain control sounds are: Transparent, Vintage (tube or old style Class A), Transparent with VCA artifacts, and Vintage with VCA artifacts. Whether you’re using the Trakker for tracking, mixing, or surround, it’ll impart its unique sonic fingerprint on the audio.

Crane Song Trakker Features:

    • Link Eight units for Surround
    • Discrete Class A
    • Balanced/Transformerless I/O
    • Vintage Compressor Sounds
    • Musically Transparent

Crane Song Trakker – Versatile compressor for all aspects of studio work!

Tech Specs:

Number of Channels 1
Controls Threshold, Attack, Release, Knee, Charachter, Gain
Side Chain Inserts Yes
Inputs 1 x XLR
Outputs 1 x XLR
Sidechain I/O DB-9
Rackmount Spaces 1U
Height 1/75″
Depth 10″
Width 19 lbs.
Weight 14 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number TRAKKER

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