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Crane Song STC-8 Stereo Compressor

Crane Song STC-8 Stereo Compressor is a high quality stereo compressor combined with a remarkably dependable peak limiter, providing overload protection critical to digital recording and broadcast transmitters. The STC-8’s compressor is engineered to provide musically transparent gain control, but is also capable of emulating vintage equipment and creating distinctive new sounds.

In addition, a switchable enhancement circuitcreates analog and tube like warmth to enrich lifeless audio and digital recordings. This vast flexibility is simplified by the inclusion of several optimized presets, allowing fast, easy set-up on a wide variety of sounds. It can operate in true stereo or discrete independent mono, accessible by a front panel switch.

The STC-8’s sophisticated side-chain allows both compression and peak limiting to take place simultaneously, using the same proprietary gain circuit. High signal quality is maintained by utilizing a discrete class A audio path, and by eliminating any VCA or optical gain control elements.

The STC-8 requires 2 rack spaces. All inputs and outputs are transformerless and balanced. The toroidal power transformer is UL approved and allows four line voltages for international use.

The STC-8 delivers consistent gain control without sacrificing musical definition or harmonic richness.


Simultaneous Compression/Limiting

Discrete Class A

Balanced/Transformerless I/O

Quick & Easy Presets

‘KI’ & ‘HARA’ Sounds

Transparent Overload Protection


Digital & Analog Mastering, System Overload Protection, Broadcast Engineering, Project Studio DAW, Stereo Bus Compression

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