Cranesong Avocet2


Stereo Monitor Controller with 3 Stereo Analog Inputs, 3 Digital Inputs, 3 Stereo Outputs, Subwoofer Outputs, Talkback, and Level Matching.

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Crane Song Avocet Monitor Control

Crane Song Avocet Monitor Control has become a preferred monitor control box for some of the most respected names in recording and mastering because of its broad range of capabilities and its outstanding sound quality. With three digital inputs, three analog inputs, three monitor outs, and built-in headphone amp with talkback functionality, the Avocet is flexible enough to be the centerpiece for any studio – there are even dim, mute, and mono functions. Buffered meter outputs are also included. All digital signals are up-sampled and jitter-reduced for outstanding accuracy during D/A conversion. Tracking, mixing, and mastering require the best monitoring you can achieve.

Crane Song Avocet At-a-Glance:

    • Analog and Digital Inputs
    • Headphone and Talkback Circuit

Analog and Digital Inputs:

The Avocet provides both analog and digital inputs to allow you to connect straight from your DAW or mixing board. The Analog inputs take the form of XLRs, and the digital inputs are AES/EBU and S/PDIF. The Avocet will facilitate the connection of up to three pairs of speakers via XLR ouputs. The included remote gives you the power to check your mix on different sets of speakers from where you’re sitting.

Headphone and Talkback Circuit:

The Avocet doesn’t just manage multiple pairs of monitors – it also provides headphone cue mix and talkback functionality. This can be extremely handy during the tracking process. The headphone cue mix can be different that the signal sent to the monitors, giving the engineer an accurate representation of what’s happening in the room, while the artists have the headphone mix that they need to lay down thier parts. The remote has a XLR input for the connection of a talkack mic, making communicating with the talent during tracking a snap.

Crane Song Avocet Features:

    • Analog and Digital Inputs
    • Headphone and Talkback Circuit
    • Level Matching Between Sources
    • XLR Inputs and Outputs
    • AES/EBU and S/PDIF Digital Inputs
    • Remote Control
    • Up-sampled and jitter reduced Digital Signals to Ensure Highest Accuracy During D/A Conversion

Tech Specs:

Headphones 2 x 1/4″
Talkback Yes
Form Rackmount
Height 3.5
Depth 12.5
Width 19
Manufacturer Part Number AVOCET II


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