BLACK CORPORATION イセーニン Analogue Polyphonic Synthesizer


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BLACK CORPORATION イセーニン Analogue Polyphonic Synthesizer

This is a preorder for a イセーニン (pronounced ee-seh-nin) analogue polyphonic synthesizer.

イセーニン features eight voices, each consisting of 100% analog voltage controlled oscillators, analog lowpass and highpass filter, noise generator, two ADSR envelopes and a VCA. 2 different presets can be layered, making richer sounds, but limiting voices amount to 4 per layer. Each layer has its own fully assignable velocity and poly-aftertouch controls and global MPE settings.

イセーニン features full MIDI/USB control and the ability to store 128 presets per bank across 10 banks. Sophisticated microtuning with a support of ODDSound MTS-ESP and a signature arpeggiator integrates this classic synth concept seamlessly into the future of your modern studio needs.


Kit, Pre-Built

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