BAE UK Sound 1173

UK Sound 1173 Mic Preamp & Compressor


1-channel Mic/Line Preamp/Compressor with 70dB of Gain, Sidechain Highpass Filter, Phantom Power, DI, Switchable Impedance, and Polarity Reverse

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UK Sound 1173 Mic Preamp & Compressor

The Sonic Soul of the ’70s

BAE subsidiary UK Sound is in the business of manufacturing high-quality analog gear for musicians and engineers seeking vintage character without spending a fortune. The 1173 brings together two timeless circuits, the 1073 preamp and a classic FET compressor, to infuse your productions with the sonic soul of the ’70s. Boasting discrete Class A circuitry with transformer-balanced input and output, the 1173 performs wonders on any instrument or vocal, delivering the character and assertiveness your tracks have been asking for. Crafted in California with meticulously selected components, the UK Sound 1173 delivers the best of both worlds: world-class vintage warmth and punch, and real-world value. Give the UK Sound 1173 a serious audition — you will be impressed. You’re probably going to want two.

The mother of all preamp circuits

The sound of 1970s rock ‘n’ roll was largely defined by a legendary console preamp that wrote the book on characterful mic preamplification. Using the venerable 1073 circuit, the 1173’s preamp section nails the clarity and depth of the vintage modules and adds a Preamp Out control for creative gain staging. UK Sound has also provided a front-panel instrument input, along with a rotary Mic/Line/DI switch. Microphone input impedance is switchable between 
150Ω and 300Ω to optimize for every mic in your locker. And with 70dB of gain on tap, you can feel free to use your favorite ribbon mic on quiet sources. While the 1073 preamp helps bring depth and clarity to your audio on the front end, the FET compressor is at hand to control the signal, managing peaks while adding thickness and authority.

Classic FET compression

The 1173’s FET compressor section sports the classic fixed-threshold control set: input and output gain plus the time-honored compression ratio options of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1 — and of course, the infamous “all-buttons-in” setting. True to its heritage, this thing is fast. Use it to gently manage peaks — or squash your signal like a bug. Nuke your room mics for explosive drums. Prop up a lead vocal loud and proud. Make those guitars soar. A 100Hz sidechain highpass filter is onboard for those times when you wish to minimize the influence of low frequencies on gain reduction. Like the FET classic that inspired it, the 1173 compressor can do no wrong. It’s a studio essential. And having it in the same trim, 1RU chassis with the mother of all mic preamp circuits is — well, it’s what dreams are made of, at least here at Sweetwater!

UK Sound 1173 Mic Preamp/Compressor Features:

  • Discrete Class A circuitry with transformer-balanced input and output
  • 70dB of gain — handles a wide range of microphones including low-output ribbon mics
  • Front-panel hi-Z DI input for guitar, bass, synth, and other sources
  • Rear-panel line-level input for added versatility
  • Microphone input impedance switchable between 
150Ω and 300Ω
  • Polarity reverse switch; +48-volt phantom power
  • Compression ratios: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, and “all-buttons-in”
  • Fixed threshold; adjustable attack and release controls
  • 100Hz sidechain highpass filter
  • Frequency response:
 31.5Hz–20kHz (±2dB)
  • Output impedance:

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