The mpressor 500 Receives the TEC Award!

//The mpressor 500 Receives the TEC Award!

The mpressor 500 Receives the TEC Award!

The mpressor 500 Receives the TEC Award!

We are super excited to announce that elysia has just won the TEC Award. It’s the mpressor 500 which actually made it in the category Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series Modules).
We are so honored by this, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our friends and customers for your amazing support during the last 12 years.

Watch this video to get some ideas on how to use the mpressor 500 on all kinds of different sources, and learn how to benefit from its great number of truly useful special features. Plus, there are tons of sound samples available in our SoundCloud channel.

And here is the mpressor 500‘s big brother and ancestor, the mpressor rack. Most of the creative and innovative features of this monster of a compressor have actually found their way into the module as well. This video is all about the origin.

For those who like to work hybrid or in the DAW exclusively, the mpressor is also available as a plugin. The amazing emulation has been created in cooperation with Brainworx, and it’s available for all major platforms including UAD.
Check it out here!

Why do we call the mpressor “the compressor from the future“? It was actually NYC producer Joel Hamilton who awarded this title to the rack version. In this video, Joel explains what he likes about the concept and the special features of one of his most favorite compressors. Enjoy!

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