Morton Microphone Systems KickTone® Dynamic Microphone

Morton Microphone Systems KickTone® Dynamic Microphone

Meet the KickTone® from Morton Microphone Systems. A revolutionary mic that will change the way you record and amplify low-end sounds. Designed for kick drums, used by everyone who needs to capture a robust, dynamic, sound. Voted Best Product of the Year!


The KickTone® is built around a specially manufactured diaphragm that’s both stiff and lightweight, providing excellent damping characteristics. It also features a second, co-axial dynamic structure to pick up the higher-frequency transients that give a bass drum its snap. The result is a punchy, well-defined sound that instantly grabs a listener’s attention.

This is a drawing of the KickTone expanded to show each of its parts. The parts shown are the O-ring, slide bracket, foam spacer, speaker frame, spyder, voice coil, cone, hi-frequency transducer, neodymium magnet, speaker mount, speaker cover, circuit board mount, XLR jack, and mic stand attachment. This drawing also shows approximate sizes of the varoius parts. The overall size is 6 3/8” tall and 3 3/4” wide.


The KickTone Microphone is a low impedance Dynamic Mic housing two transducers, giving maximum full-range output. KickTone sounds great on Bass Drums, Floor Toms, Low strings on a Piano, Bass Amps, and any other instrument producing low-end frequencies. We lined the KickTone® up next to the most used drum mics in the industry. Listen to the dramatic difference in this short video.


The KickTone mic can be mounted in two ways. You can mount it on a standard microphone stand, but much better, you can attach it directly to a bass drum’s resonant head with a proprietary slide bracket, supplied with each mic, that quick-connects it to any KickPort. (KickPort is a widely-used bass drum sonic enhancer, and is a registered trademark of KickPort International, LLC.) That keeps it securely locked in the drum’s sweet spot, where it won’t block the view of your drum head artwork or get kicked out of position by an energetic singer.

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