Mixing With The McDSP APB

Mixing With The McDSP APB

Mix With The Analog Processing Box

Product Specialist James Ivey takes us through the process of using the APB, the World’s First Programmable Analog Processor, on a Classic Rock mix that he has been working on. Check out how the mix sounds before and after 24 channels of APB processing, and don’t forget to comment what you think!

Announcing The Royal Mu and Royal Q APB Plug-ins

McDSP is proud to announce two new APB plug-ins – the Royal Mu and the Royal Q. The Royal Mu is a dual-channel compressor and limiter. Features include analog biasing and saturation, mid/side processing, equalization, and a full-featured analog compressor and analog limiter. 
The Royal Q is a dual-channel 4-band equalizer featuring parametric and shelving EQ, mid/side processing, and trim controls. The Royal Q equalization is complemented by a custom analog section for a truly unique hybrid processor. 
These are the latest additions to the growing line of plug-ins designed for the McDSP Analog Processing Box, the world’s first programmable analog processor. The McDSP Analog Processing Box (APB) combines the flexibility of software with the fidelity of premium analog processing. Each channel can be controlled by an AAX, AU, or VST3 plug-in giving true digital workflow with genuine analog performance. Processing options include compressors, mastering limiters, transient enhancement devices, multi-channel and multi-band applications, and much more.
Both the Royal Mu and Royal Q plug-ins are free to registered APB-16 and APB-8 customers.
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