July News from Manley Laboratories

//July News from Manley Laboratories

July News from Manley Laboratories

July News from Manley Laboratories

– First, A Note from EveAnna Manley –

Happy Summer to all of our business partners around the globe! We want to thank everyone for your continued support of the brand and especially for welcoming JB Lierre onboard as our new Director of International Sales. He and Gamma have been reaching out to everyone. With this newsletter we are going to try to be more proactive about staying in touch with everyone.

At the factory we have been working on finalizing some new hifi designs. I recently was lucky to add Dylan Wahl to our design team. Dylan has vast experience with all sorts of engineering – ranging from automotive electronics to automation design to particle accelerators and other non-audio disciplines. I first met Dylan through mastering engineer Pete Lyman. Dylan had designed and constructed brand new record lathe control circuitry for Pete’s lathe at Infrasonic Mastering. I was immediately impressed with the clean layouts and clever features he had designed for Pete. Also we are all motorbike enthusiasts…so we got along instantly. For the last few years Dylan was working with record lathe legend Len Horowitz at History of Recorded Sound, restoring lathes for folks all around the world. At Len’s place in Culver City I got to see Doug Sax’s epic Mastering Labs record cutting systems being restored for their current owner, Acoustic Sounds, and I got to see how they repair and rewind cutter heads. Working with Len, Dylan developed his listening skills and vacuum tube chops. He brings a wealth of skills to our team along with a kind heart and buckets of patience! I am really excited to have multi-talented Dylan Wahl working with us.



As some of you may have noticed, we’ve recently updated our logo, returning to the classic engraver’s font used many moons ago. Please visit the link below to download all new logo assets, and make sure your marketing department is aware of the changes – these apply to the entire Manley brand worldwide, so your dealers will need to update their websites and other materials accordingly.


We’ve just produced four audio demonstration videos featuring our new Nu Mu Stereo Limiter Compressor – you can view them all on our YouTube channel, or download them via the link below.

Please be sure to share these with your dealers, and get them up on their Nu Mu product pages if possible…

TEC Manley


The Manley Reference Silver Tube Microphone has been nominated for a TEC Award in the Technical Achievement category for Microphones (Recording) – we are so honored!



Established in 1991 in Tokyo, Japan, Hook Up is one of Manley’s very oldest partners. Their relationship with Manley dates all the way back to 1992 (!), and they’ve remained one of Manley’s strongest importers for many decades.

In Hook Up’s words: “At our start, we focused on MI products, then expanded with Pro Audio gear – including Manley Labs – at a very early phase. In that way, we have grown up together with Manley in the Pro Audio market. Now Manley gear is well-known in Japan as a very high-quality top brand.”


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