Introducing the Raven Core Station

//Introducing the Raven Core Station

Introducing the Raven Core Station

Introducing the Raven Core Station

The first time I tried to do a mix without using a console was in 2011, shortly after our Virtual Console Collection plugin was introduced. It was the most painful mix I’d ever done, as I attempted to craft the sound that I had heard playing in my head by using the cumbersome technique of single click mouse moves. The creative process was broken, the inspiration was lost, and the mix suffered.

I then tried a hardware control surface, and found that the improvements were minimal. Constantly banking small groups of faders, scrolling through tons of selections to find what I needed, and plugin control… don’t get me started on how horrible it was to control every plugin parameter using a set of five generic controller knobs, most that had to be constantly assigned. And then there was the constant looking back and forth from the knob to the screen to confirm that the parameter I was adjusting was the correct one.

And then the most obvious idea came to us. After years of putting the recording studio onto a computer screen, why not just turn the computer screen into the control surface?

Now, every parameter could be accessed instantly just like a real console with a 1:1 parameter ratio. No generic controller knobs, no scrolling through menus, no assigning or mapping… Just reach out, and immerse yourself into your mix. 24 ultra high-resolution faders with FINE mode make it easier to automate passages precisely. Tweak every plugin as if they were hardware, and never worry about turning the wrong generic controller knob. And take away hours of menial tasks with our award-winning digital assistant, Batch Commander.

The RAVEN consoles are now found in the top studios in the world, and the MTi is the top-selling small control surface in the audio industry.

And so, we could not be more pleased to announce our new flagship console, the RAVEN CORE STATION. Customizable with one or two touch panels and a Slate Control monitor section, the CORE STATION is the ultimate modern studio console that will make creating music efficient, creative, and fun again.

– Steven Slate

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