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Brutally honest studio monitoring for demanding audio professionals, from the desktop Pebble & Bam-Bam, Rock MKII near-field, Boulder MKII mid-field, and the Avalanche sub-woofer. For all your serious recording, mixing, and mastering requirements.

Unity Audio Ltd was formed in 1995 and Managing Director Kevin Walker with many years experience in the pro audio business prior to the creation of Unity Audio advising professional recording artists, engineers and producers, studios alike on selecting equipment for specific applications as well as incorporating studio design, build and installation.

Unity Audio over the years has become intrinsically linked with distributing studio monitors, and so we have gained a vast range of knowledge in this area.  In 2009 it became apparent that it was time for us to design and manufacturer our own brand of monitors, starting with the critically acclaimed ‘The Rock’.  We pride ourselves in taking a different approach to designing and producing products, using different materials in innovative ways, sourcing quality components from reputable companies, working with skilled craftsman, incorporating new ideas on traditional designs, working with professionals in order to fine tune our products before launch.

It doesn’t stop at The Rock, we felt that so called professional speaker stands just weren’t up to scratch, and so we now offer a custom range of stands called  ‘The Monolith’.  We also now offer bespoke acoustic treatment panels in the form of the Bass-O-Nator. These solve troublesome lower frequency issue for both studio and domestic use with incorporated mid/hf absorbing qualities too.

The end result is the same, we provide customers, be it professional or consumer with quality products designed and built in the UK for the most demanding applications for the professional studio, or for your domestic listening pleasure.

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