Tree Audio Introduces tube-hybrid Audio Mixing console, The Roots

In the late 1990s, Steve Firlotte of Inward Connections and Ian Gardiner of Boutique Audio and Design began working together. They soon discovered Steve’s expertise in electronic design complemented Ian’s mechanical design and fabrication skills. Their first major project was the Dymaxion console for Danny White of Sixteen Ton Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. This hybrid tube/transistor console was such a success they then built other custom consoles for clients such as Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Daniel Lanois and other major artists.Over the next few years, Steve and Ian discussed starting a console design company together. Late in 2007, the two began Tree Audio. Their first product was the Tree Audio 500 series customizable console, which was a 2009 TEC Award nominee in the “large format console technology” category. In 2012, they introduced The Roots, Tree Audio’s tube-hybrid console.

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