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Mercury Recording Equipment

Technology is taking us to new places in recording. But for successfully capturing great recordings that technology needs a helpful hand… from the past. Nothing sounds as good as the American and European tube equipment from the 50s and 60s. Full of warmth, air and musicality. As well, there was short period (late 60s to the early 70s) when the American and European Discrete, Solid State equipment was also wonderful sounding.

Mercury Recording Equipment Co. was started in 2000 by David Marquette who you may know from Marquette Audio Labs in Hayward, CA. After dealing with vintage equipment and racking vintage modules for many years David felt it was time to build some the great equipment of the past from scratch that were not truly available to most people. The first three products (M.66, EQ-H and EQ-P) were helped brought to life by David Bock, who you may know from his great work at Soundelux Microphones. But you might not know David Bock is a highly experienced studio technician and has worked in such places as Hit Factory (NYC) and Ocean way (LA). For studios like those, the in-house microphone and outboard equipment collection is perhaps their most important asset. But they also need constant maintenance to keep them up and running. David Bock got the experience “in the field” (i.e. in the most professional studios) where the equipment we call “Pro Audio” are the essential tools for creating recordings on a daily basis.

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