Developer and manufacturer of unique sounding Channel Strips, Compressors, and Pre Amps in 500 series, rack-mount, pedals and stand alone format.



Conventional compressors used to be called ‘leveling amplifiers’. They were designed  originally to reduce the dynamic range of all program material so that it would record properly onto media that had limited range such as optical film and vinyl disc.

As an engineering tool the compressor had to work in as linear a manner as possible and to be as unobtrusive as possible, so the attack characteristic (that is the way the changes in volume take place) had to be smooth, and the release (how the gain recovered when the audio signal was removed) needed to be long.

While experimenting with leveling amplifiers, engineers found that the application of compression had an effect on the perceived sound of music. The changes were subtle but definite; and often the least ‘scientific’ compressors sounded best. But equipment manufacturers over the years have been forced (by specifications) to satisfy these ‘leveling amplifier’ requirements and have tried to sell theoretical perfection as being most desirable. Engineer users have then tried to combine their use as leveling amplifiers and as effects units. This has been a completely wrong approach and has only served to create bad reputations for a number of products because, although they behave beautifully as engineering devices, they actually sound unmusical. In short, up to now no-one has truly understood either the engineering requirements of compression; or compression itself.

The JOEMEEK compressor is the first device commercially available to have been designed purely as an effects compressor. Its purpose is to change the way the ear perceives the sound; its action changes the clarity, balance and even rhythmic feel of music.

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