Baseck and Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

//Baseck and Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Baseck and Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Baseck and Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Dave Smith Instruments interviews experimental electronic musician Baseck.

His roots run deep in L.A.’s underground rave scene since the early 90s. Baseck’s fascination with sound brought him to turntablism at an early age. His attraction to hands-on hardware, learned from scratching records, led to audio manipulation with small battery powered toys, drum machines, then modular synthesizers. His unique style and mastery of a wide range of music hardware segued into his involvement with music technology. Since 2013, Baseck has been working with synthesizer companies to design concepts to enhance user playability. Variatic Basicus, a Eurorack module created by Noise Engineering, was built for his live performance needs. DSI’s Tempest analog drum machine includes presets designed by Baseck. His style builds on past musical experiments, combining the 80’s drum machine sounds of Breakdance and Industrial, with a future approach to Drum & Bass and Braindance using both analog and digital hardware.

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