API Consoles and Modules Win TEC Awards

API Consoles and Modules Win TEC Awards

It’s quite an honor these days for a manufacturer to receive even a single nomination for a technical achievement award from the NAMM TEC Awards Committee. It’s even more significant to actually win a TEC Award over the other nominees. At the 2020 NAMM TEC awards, API received an unprecedented 4 nominations and was awarded 2 actual TEC awards.

The Nominations for API included THE BOX Console (Small Format Console Technology); the 2448 Recording Console (Large Format Console Technology); the 312 50th Anniversary Edition Mic Pre (Microphone Preamplifiers); and the 550A 50th Anniversary Edition Equalizer (Signal Processing Hardware, 500 Series).

We’re honored that the API 2448 Recording Console and the API 550A Anniversary Edition Equalizer were announced as the winners.

During one of his acceptance speeches at the award ceremony, API President and Owner, Larry Droppa said “For over 20 years, I’ve had the honor and privilege of being in charge of a terribly dedicated group of audio professionals. The 2448 Console represents years and years of progressive change in the recording system but it’s all based on the core of what API was founded on.”

API’s Director of Engineering Todd Humora noted. “I’m proud that people appreciate the power, functionality and of course, the sound of the new consoles. They’re truly designed for the modern studio workflow.”

In addition to celebrating the Company’s 50th Anniversary, 2019 was a busy year during which API released several new products, including a full line of Anniversary Edition mic pres, equalizers and channel strips. API also introduced the new 2448 Console and 8-Channel BOX Console to the market in 2019, both of which continue to exceed sales projections.

Large Format Console Technology
API – 2448 Console

Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series Modules)
API – 550A 50thAnniversary Edition


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