Polyend Tracker

Polyend Tracker


The Polyend Tracker is an innovative, inspiring and immediate tool for music-making. It functions as a sampler, a synthesizer, a powerful sequencer, and a MIDI controller.

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Polyend Tracker (Pre-Order)

The Polyend Tracker is a unique take on a retro form factor, aimed at artists who break patterns on a daily basis. Don’t let the classic look fool you, Tracker is equipped with powerful modern functionality, FX, and the forward thinking creative tricks that Polyend brings to all of their highly regarded instruments.


Instrument Parameters give you robust tools (Volume, Tuning, Panning, LP, BP, and HP Filters, Reverb Send, ADSR’s) to make an instrument from any sample. Up to 48 Instruments per project

Sample Playback

7 different sample playback types: 1-Shot, Forward Loop, Backward Loop, and Pingpong Loop, Slice, Wavetable, and Granular Synth

Sample Slicing

Slice your samples manually or use Tracker’s Auto Slice feature. Play your slices with the grid controller, or automate which slices play in the Pattern Mode

Samples as a Wavetable Synthesizer

Full-blown Wavetable synthesis with variable table length to make it compatible with the most popular standards (Ableton Wave and Serum compatible)

Samples as a Granular Synthesizer

A very powerful Granular synthesis engine allows you to make crazy and futuristic sounds from your samples

Onboard Editing and Rendering

Use the built-in Sample Editor to precisely alter and render new samples by applying multiple effects

Sample Recording

Record up to two minutes of 16-bit/44.1kHz samples using the built-in FM radio, Pattern Selection, Mic or Line Inputs. Save them to the MicroSD card for later or load them right into your project

Robust Pattern Sequencing

(Tracker Style Pattern View^^)

Sequencer Basics:

  • Each project holds 255 Patterns with up to 128 steps each.
  • 8 Tracks per pattern
  • Each track has Note, Instrument, and 2 FX parameter locks per-step
  • Over 20 FX types to choose from
  • “Fill” automatically fills Steps, Notes, Instruments, and FX data based on the conditions you set
  • Use Song Mode to arrange Patterns
  • Use the Perform mode to mangle, remix, and apply global FX parameters to individual tracks in your patterns

The Grid:

  • Use the 48 pads to play your samples, slices, and the synthesizer engines
  • Customize the pad layout to play scales
  • Use the grid to choose Notes, FX, or Patterns
  • Record your patterns live with the grid

MIDI Control:

  • Send MIDI Note Data out to your Hardware Instruments or your DAW on a per-step and per-track basis
  • Send out MIDI CC Data on 6 different channels on a per-step and per-track basis


  • 5V 1A USB powered over USB C
  • Easily powered by a portable power bank, your computer, or the included wall adapter.
  • MIDI In and Out (MIDI DIN to MIDI Mini Adapter included)
  • 1/8 inch Mono Line and Mic Input
  • 1/8 inch Stereo Output (1/4 inch stereo splitter cable included)
  • Includes Micro SD Card with Micro SD to USB adapter
  • On board Digital Manual included on each unit for reference!